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Dear Fellow Bloggers and Readers,

I may disappear.  I filled out a form letter to delete an older domain, Pedalpushingthoughts@wordpress.com and I did NOT see the add-on sentence stating I wanted to delete THIS blog:  Johannisthinking……..I am afraid I will DISAPPEAR!

I tried emailing WordPress but I have NOT received any response.

IF anyone has a positive solution to this possible bleak outcome, I would appreciate your help!

I have been DONE IN by technology!

It was NOT my intent to delete Johannisthinking………but I suppose all things come to an end!

If I disappear, I want to thank YOU each for all of your support and encouragement!  Thank you to all of my readers!

I have enjoyed this blog more than I can say…and so many of you encouraged me these past two years. I have learned a lot and gained much confidence because of your kind words to me!

I hope I won’t disappear…but, if I do, thank you!

May gentleness surround you and may only good be with you each!



Where are you?


there is nothing so devastating

as when a son or daughter leave you

without a word…

…no call

…no note…



the emptiness remains forever

the mind cannot quiet itself

questions continually rise

left on the precipice of doubt

no consolation exists

the pain cuts razor deep into the heart…

we are a parent

we are meant to love and protect our child

we are meant to  help them face life

each child is a part of us

not one of them is less

the one we tried to share the best of ourselves with

the one we gave our last ounce of energy to

the one we would wait for to come home at night

the one who would call us to come and help

and we would go and  bring the child home

the one we would sit through countless hours of  recitals with..

now this child has tiptoed into stages unfamiliar…

this one…where is this child?

our hope for beauty for this child

has been sidestepped…

this child disappears into the night

part of us is lost

we worry…we cannot sleep

our child is flung to the high seas

tossed from one wave to another

and we cannot reach them…

we cannot bring them to safety

we sit adrift our memories and thoughts

we blame ourselves

what happened? where did I go wrong?

streams of should have, would have, could have

flood our brain

they are the love crystals of our being

we want them to be safe

we want to help them


hold them close


we can’t…

our heart is near breaking

our thoughts hasten to the one who is                                                                                                               

"Grasping"...Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, Edmonton, ALberta, Canada, 2014.

“Grasping”…Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, Edmonton, ALberta, Canada, 2014.


and the tears fall

like raindrops in a monsoon

soaked into the Earth

and the Earth is drenched with sorrow


the child hears us not

we were told we had to let them go…

they were gifts not possessions

let them go…

but our hearts are with them


our prayers never cease





More Equal Distribution of Material Wealth is Needed Across the World


This is an amazing building in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. It is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Many hands have built it. Many lives enjoy it. Each room has its own swimming pool.

The business it supports has given employment to many people.

Then, I think of the homeless of the world…

I think of those without running water when I see many, many private swimming pools…and my heart weeps that we use our intelligence for luxury, while our brothers and sisters have no place to live, no food to eat, no water to drink…

Why can’t these same beautiful minds create a building  to shelter the homeless?

Why can’t these same beautiful minds create a way to bring water to every person in the world?

Where I was born has been a blessing to me. I have a home, food to eat and water to drink whenever I want it. I live in a condition that only exists for 75% of the world’s population. 25% may seem minute—but NOT when we are speaking about HUMAN BEINGS in need of water, food and shelter, not to mention health concerns.


1. According to an article posted on http://www.slumdogs.org/homeless-facts/…”Housing is a basic human need, yet the statistics of United Nations Commission on Human Rights in 2005 notes that, an estimated 100 million people -one-quarter of the world’s population- live without shelter or in unhealthy and unacceptable conditions…

2. Over 100 million people around the world have no shelter whatsoever. The health consequences of this level of homelessness are profound. The Action Aid in 2003 had found out that there were 78 million homeless people in India alone. CRY(Child Relief and You) in 2006 estimated that there are 11 million homeless children live on the street. The statistics are grim. What is worse is that very little is known of what it means to be part of such horrific numbers.  (SOURCE: http://www.slumdogs.org/homeless-facts/)”

3. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, over 610,042 people experience homelessness on any given night in the US.


Other interesting sites with more information on the Homeless:

1. http://www.endhomelessness.org/library/entry/the-state-of-homelessness-2014

2. http://invisiblepeople.tv/blog/about/





I am not saying that beauty and beautiful buildings are not wonderful and good. I am just saying we each have so much to be grateful for and if each person did ONE act a day towards helping another human being, we would all be happier and it would be a more peaceful, just  world.


In loving memory of Ajay

johannisthinking@wordpress.com; pedalpushingthoughts@wordpresss.com:

Our dear gentle friend has left us for greater peace…This tribute was written by Patty

(http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/in-loving-memory-of-ajay/), who has expressed so well

how our hearts feel…

Originally posted on petitemagique:


Ajay Mody {Ajaytao}

‘It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that we mourn the passing away of Ajay Mody, also known as Ajaytao, blogger of “Ajaytao2010” and the “Ajaytao Botanical Photography” blogs. He left this world on the 10th August 2014 after a short illness at his home in Mumbai, India.

I stare at the screen in shock while I read these words on the blog of my friend Vijay.

Our dear friend Ajay, gone…

I cannot believe this, the world has lost an angel. A pure, white rose.

Dear Ajay, my sweet friend, this is for you. Know that I will always carry you in my heart. You will be missed. Thank you for all the love and kindness you showed me and many others. I am blessed that I have met you. <3

white rose

A beautiful white rose

Honest and sincere

Soft pedestals of kindness


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Suicide and the Narrative of Choice

johannisthinking@wordpress.com; pedalpushingthoughts@wordpresss.com:

This is a very accurate explanation of depression and suicidal ideation. I think it is very helpful…and should lead us all to greater compassion and understanding towards those who suffer from depression or who have attempted suicide, as well as helping us to forgive those who have killed themselves.   Please direct your likes and comments back to this site:  http://bottomface.com/2014/08/12/suicide-and-the-narrative-of-choice/

Originally posted on bottomfacedotcom:

Whilst reading about the tragic death of the great Robin Williams I repeatedly stumbled upon the narrative of choice. Places like Psychcentral spoke about suicide being an “insidious choice”, but a “choice” nonetheless, so much so that they repeated the word to drive the message home. Meanwhile, whilst perusing social media I repeatedly came across variations of “people who commit suicide are selfish”, “how can anyone do that to their family?”. These sorts of comments make me twitchy. We’ve all heard them before.

In my own case they were personalised and weaponised, “How could YOU do that to your children? Do YOU not care about them?” I did, that was the problem. For some time I had felt like a millstone around the necks of my family. I loved them, but hated myself and could only see the ways I made their lives worse. After 2 failed suicide attempts in…

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Crimson Flower

johannisthinking@wordpress.com; pedalpushingthoughts@wordpresss.com:

Fotograver creates many beautiful art pieces using many different mediums! Passionate pieces of depth!  Please direct your likes and comments to http://fotograver.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/crimson-flower/. Thank you!

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Encaustic on wood

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there is ALWAYS one more chance

We must accept finite disappointment,

but never lose infinite hope.

                                            -Martin Luther King



there is a fresh tomorrow

there is unqiue birth each day

there is new love ever present

there is a brilliant sun in the sky

there is a gentle moon at night

there is the soft wind to carry you

there is the deep longing inside

there is someone standing beside you

Spring Lake, Alberta, Canada, August 2013; Photo Credit: Jane H Johann

Spring Lake, Alberta, Canada, August 2013; Photo Credit: Jane H Johann

there is ALWAYS one more chance