Not Only My Heart — I Gave Him the Sky

a beautiful love story…real and deep…gifts of the heart…a real Knowing of one another…

Tuesdays with Laurie

Believing that fulfillment comes from experiences, relationships, and good health, Len and I don’t typically exchange gifts.

Recently he made me a beautiful breakfast of heart-shaped blueberry pancakes and delivered it on a tray before I got out of bed.

I filled a pail of water to catch the reflection of the sky and gave it to him — wishing him, a pilot, a lifetime of safe flight as he soars through “his” sky.


What’s the most meaningful non-material gift you’ve ever received?



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10 thoughts on “Not Only My Heart — I Gave Him the Sky

  1. Thank you for sharing this post 🙂


  2. Yoshiko says:

    So nice of him to bake beautiful cake for you. I can imagine the cake’s shape and texture 🙂


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