7 thoughts on “A compassionate approach to what divides us

  1. Johann, I am grateful you reblogged this post. I can’t tell you and your readers enough how I have LIVED this particular blog post and I have seen and experienced the profound healing that takes place when this compassionate approach soaks into our bones, our hearts, and our relationships. Sooooo “simple” yet not easy — to just be with WHATEVER arises within us. To have compassion and gentle presence. That’s it. THAT is what heals. It’s like I want to stand on the sidewalk and tell people! But we each have to experience it for ourselves. I lead my clients in psychotherapy and coaching through such practices – that is my way of sharing this deep healing “work.” Again, thank you, Johann. Many blessings to you and all who read this, Lisa McCrohan


    • I believe you, I do…I know there is truth in what you have written. I began studying the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh last summer when I read his book, RECONCILIATION. It is so beautiful and I keep re-reading it. Your posting clarifies so much for me. Thank you! I am sure your words will touch the hearts of many!


      • Jane, I just assumed your name was johann! 🙂 Gosh, I am so sorry. I looked for your name on your blog. Please accept my apology! I really look forward to seeing your blog grow, to hear you speak your truth within you and sharing it with your followers — of which I am one now. 🙂 Lisa


  2. Lisa~ Not to worry! smile…no offense taken…after all, the name is in the title–I did not know what to call my blog when I began in 2011–so…there it was! It is not as creative as other but it is me. LOL In any case, thank you for your sensitivity…Namaste!


    • Oh Lovely, Jane! I’m grateful you are out in the world sharing your deep “soul stirrings.” I hear what you “say” in your bio — that you feel things deeply and you aren’t always sure or how to put them into words. I LOVE words — I’ve been writing poetry since I was in third grade. But I STILL find myself sitting with how to say something at times. THen I just breathe, soften, let go, and allow. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about how this journey is going of “your words flowing freely.” This encourages me to let them flow as well. Blessings, Lisa


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