tears tripping over themselves

Humanity is suffering… but there are heroes and heroines everywhere…

A woman, a young woman once, then a mother, then a grandmother, then a great- grandmother, in her 90’s, opened her heart once more: “Give the ventilator to someone younger.”

A young mother of three and a nurse, continued to work at the hospital to save lives… she lost hers…

A young man, only 28, worked at a senior care facility…they elderly needed him… then one day, he came home to his Mother, and died in her arms…

The daycare teacher, watching over the children of those working in the hospital… developed a fever…the “invisible stalker” took her away…

The ambulance driver, father of two, drove the sick to the clinic…he never made it home again…

The grandfather, having given the best years of his life, nurturing, loving, providing for his family, his children, his grandchildren… was suddenly among the stars…

The First-Responder, working 14 hour days…using his mask over and over again, no gloves available…collapsed…leaving his earthly home…

The doctor, working non-stop, overcome with fatigue…succumbed to the fever…went into a coma…never to return

The hospital receptionist, checking people in, exposed daily to the beast…slumped over at the coffee table… never to lift her head again…

REST in PEACE … you did the “ hard thing”— you didn’t turn away when another asked for your help…

Sunrise in Palmyra 2020

3 thoughts on “tears tripping over themselves

  1. Mari Gabrielson says:

    Beautiful photo, and a loving tribute and reminder of all those who selflessly sacrifice themselves in the care of others.


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