Ayden and the Fact about AGE

Ayden's 6th birthday

Ayden, my grandson, celebrated his 6th birthday last Thursday.  After he finished the chocolate birthday cake, he came up to me and said rather nonchalantly, “Nanny, I am 6 now but I still feel like I am 5. I don’t feel any different? I still feel like I am 5! Well, I guess I am just me!”

I found it interesting that he reflected upon his age progression in this way…that he thought he would be someone different when he woke up to his birthday…I guess some of us do feel that same way…even on days when it is not our birthday.

In any case, his easy-going response to himself, “Well, I guess I am just me!” is all that he needs to accept and know to be at home with himself during his journey through life!

Ayden reminds me of Ayden on his 6th Birthday with his sister, Nadia, 4... 2013Le Petit Prince. He has curly blonde hair and a sweet smile and disposition. He has a sensitive heart. On his birthday, as they were gathering their belongings to leave, and Ayden his presents, he said to Nadia, “When we get home, Nadia, you can play with my new toys…you can have some of them and we will play together.”

What a darling!

One thought on “Ayden and the Fact about AGE

  1. clarabetty says:

    Wonderful story. Ayden is a smart boy.


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