Love is LIFE

English: Sunrise over the gap A view of the su...

English: Sunrise over the gap A view of the sunrise towards the Goring Gap from Hagbourne Hill. It’s mornings like this I love going to work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love is…

the voices of my children loving life

the beauty I see in their souls

the laughter of the grandchildren in the wind

the promise that lives in their lives

the friends who listen to my heart’s stirrings

the honesty in which they speak to me

the warmth of the sun drawn in by the seedling

the drops of rain nourishing the plants

the song of the birds filling my ears

the life that Spring brings to their nests

the golden red-blood hues of the sunset soothing my soul

the faith that I am held in the Love of God’s gentleness

* * * * * *

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