I know we should be upbeat… positive…be grateful we are still breathing… but at the same time I am feeling like death is staring me in the face…I cannot imagine the terror so many people who have died must have faced alone on the ventilators. The absolute terror their families experience…the pain of not being able to be there in the final moments for the people they love so deeply. Then not even permitted to mourn them in our usual manner…I post jokes now and then… songs & poetry now and then…in an effort to rise above the sorrow…this is just an incredible challenge to our human spirit. It very much emphasizes how much we truly need one another. When I first retired… it was a mini-version of this experience that we are going through collectively now. Some days I did not know if I would make it to the next…I needed purpose. I think this experience is not only a message for the Now—- but when it is over—- and one day it will be better—we need to remember the elderly who do live alone… the people who are isolated from society… the Homeless who feel displaced and unwanted…the parents whose children have gone on to live their lives—- it is a message to STAY CONNECTED! What we experience here among the elderly is a common thread throughout the world—- I have read many stories of people in other countries who end up in senior citizen apartments, beautifully designed—-as in Japan—serene landscaping—- but guess what? They die alone—one lady mentioned she has no one but managed to make a connection with a lady in another apartment across the courtyard. They don’t seem to really be able to visit, perhaps because of mobility issues— but she did create a somber message:”…If my window shade does not go up in the morning, you will know I have died. Please contact my family.” Imagine that is their only communication! When this pandemic takes a rest, please let us all remember to Reach Out and Stay Connected! We all need each other! …and, it also wouldn’t hurt to connect NOW with those alone!

5 thoughts on “STAY CONNECTED

  1. Jan Stewart says:

    Hi! You certainly are right about STAYING CONNECTED. I think we may have to stay distant from one another for some time yet. This is a nasty virus. But hearing from you makes a real difference. Thank goodness for my two cats (one of whom is a real lover). Had to put Matte down last year so will be looking for a puppy (so the cats can train it) as soon as things open up again. Thanks for all you do. Stay well & stay safe. Love ya. Jan

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    • Jan dear, how wonderful to see your words to me! thank you so very much! So sorry for the loss of Matte… I know you love the little creatures in your home! I remember that you even put out milk for the outside raccoons and homeless cats! Your book club gatherings must be very missed by all those who were able to gather at your welcoming home for countless years! My phone “died” a few months back and I lost all my contacts! If you want to chat some moment in time, drop me an email with your number: At the moment my middle daughter and two toddlers are living with me—a third due in another month! So phone conversations can be a challenge— but we can try!


  2. Sprinkles of love to you too!


  3. AmyRose🌹 says:

    If I connect to the Universal energy I wouldn’t be able to breathe. The horror and fear that this pandemic has caused along with the media’s deliberate fear tactics have turned our world into a prison. This time of history mimics the time in my life when after a severe back injury, I lost my life as I knew it to be. Everything. I had to create a new life from nothing. My heart goes out to all the people now who have been forced to stop and as they do, realize they don’t even know who they are anymore. I cannot even imagine their panic and terror. I’ve lived it and know it, yet I am choosing not to know theirs. I have deliberately disconnected from all who pull me down being an empath I cannot handle them and what I feel in the general energy as well. I must stay connected to Mother Nature if I am going to get through this. We all have to find our own way.

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