A Brand New Bridge

©Jane H. Johann, 2016
Walkway along Whatcom Creek.
Bellingham, WA


We woke up today to a brand new bridge

Offering our hands to help them make the leap

Days and days on the road with no sleep

We knew they had walked through  too much grief


The elderly man held his wife’s wrinkled hand

Their grandchildren clung to them as they sat in the sand            

The young married couple looking for hope

Their son and daughter with an adventurous scope

They hadn’t eaten for several days, no water passed to their parched lips

Their thirst for freedom was their drink and their trust in God their sailing ship


Their grateful eyes filled with tears

Man of La Mancha dispelled their fears

We finally were at peace with ourselves

We stopped the war placing it on the shelves

We no longer had a hollow heart

Living humanely initiated the start

We sat on the hillside and by the beach

We laughed and smiled and made the reach

We were proud to say there is enough for all

We leapt for joy and tore down that silly old wall


We woke up today to a brand new bridge!

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