Do Birds Sleep Earlier in the Wintertime?

Fresh snow on a thin twig

Fresh snow on a thin twig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Falling gentle snow! So cold!

Cloaking the trees and branches

With pearl elegance!

a Black-capped Chickadee in Michigan in late D...

Little Chickadee

Gathering its feathers tight

Eating seeds! Delight!

English: Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atric...

Harsh winds blowing strong

To the cedar trees she flies

Nestled the night long


Chickadee (Photo credit: Zuhallem)



More Information on the Chickadees of Canada:



English: Mixed Blessings Snow piled high at th...

English: Mixed Blessings Snow piled high at the side of A939, in freezing temperatures with winter sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Write your sorrows in sand, and your BLESSINGS in stone”  Rumi

the brightness opens the day

blessing us as we walk on our way

we breathe in the air, so crisp and clean

we breathe in the wonder of all that is seen

affirming each other in our moments of dismay

in the silence we found all that we had to say

the touch of each other moves the moment of time

the touch transcends…blending our inner rhyme

all that brought us to this day

eons of lives built into this clay

life touching life, carrying us into God’s Love

echoing thankfulness in the winged flight of the dove

deep within the heart mesmerized by peace

deep within the blessings never cease

silhouette the good for one’s self and each other

hope and faith shoulder love’s arbor


Blessings (Photo credit: earthquakefish)