This Is What Fracking Really Looks Like




“What struck me very personally as an outsider was how any kind of industrial activity feels like an enormous intrusion, almost like a creature from outer space; these drills at night are almost supernatural,” Berman said.

“I looked for points where the industrial activity impacted these quiet rural landscapes, and I found at night was when things came alive, so I combined those pictures with more conventional documentary [style of ]subject-driven photography about people who were having serious health impacts.”

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seaburst foaming in the night

mysteries seem aflight

whispers riding on the crest of the waves

risking new love, coming out of the cave

moonbeam lantern reveals the soul

visions of hope waiting to be told

risking the dive into the deep

sirens luring wanting you to keep

water crystal spurts spiraling high

no longer alone, you fly to the sky


WaterSpraySurf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



we run from the womb into light

we run and play into the night

we seek the butterfly as it is carried by the wind

we seek forgiveness when we have sinned

we hope for friendship and love each day

NGC 602

NGC 602 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

we hope we can be all that we say

we believe that our longing will find the jewel

we believe that there is an answer for more than a few

we live within the heart of God

we live within and find ourselves awed

we become as one as we  grow in love

we become at peace like the dove