the gift of Hope


Palmyra, WI
©Jane H. Johann
January 6, 2020


Possibilities always exist. “Anything is possible,” as the saying goes. We just have to believe.

Yes, there are always the naysayers, it seems, no matter what one undertakes. The disbelievers say “this is it?”…”no one ever came back from the Other Side”…”what good is prayer? WHY do people send prayers when something bad happens?”…” Prayers are about as much help as sending kind thoughts,” quipped another.

I guess all those statements can be true if we accept them as true and those thoughts become the mantras of our lives. However, the possibility of GOOD can also do the same.  Why, as humans, are we so readily able to accept the impossibility of something happening? Yet, not the possibility of something good happening?

How many of us have ever been inside the infamous Black Hole? How many of us have actually seen it or touched it? Yet, we believe in its existence because of the great power of quantum mechanics, which few of us understand, yet marvel at. However, to believe that something good can come out of a horrible situation, would take a quantum leap of faith, on the part of many of us.

When confronted with such opinions, I think, “Hmm, when someone says something negative to me about myself personally or about the world’s craziness and our inability to help one another, with fixation on imaginary boundaries and the present destructive state of the global environment—I think, “Yes, we surely do have great concerns facing us!” “Tremendous conflicts with frightening consequences!”  I feel with intensity the burden of those negative comments. So then I think, “Well, just imagine if we replaced those thoughts with good ideas–WHY wouldn’t they also have a profound effect upon us and the reality of the present life on our planet, Mother Earth?”Hence, the value of prayer and sending kind thoughts. Maybe those wishes our not exactly the response we want–but they carry with them “promise.” At the very least, these words carry kindness, concern and love.

Better to have good wishes than not!

Each of us brings a bit of ourselves into this world. Each of us has something to offer–no matter how small or how great–we each have something to give.

Today, I hope we each can believe a little bit more in the goodness of each other…despite those who build walls instead of bridges…despite those who wage war instead of peace…despite those who think one human being is less than another…BELIEVE in the Possibility of GOOD…let it flow from our beings to each other! Never give up!



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