4 thoughts on ““Sunset Red”

  1. Kathleen Angelo says:

    You definitely need to go to craft shows and sell your painting, etc. You do have a gift.


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    • Well, I have seen the craft fairs and the startup cost is expensive, basically. Then no one buys paintings because art is very personal…it is hard to match art to a person. The other side of the coin is the cost of the oil paints. ONE tube of white paint can cost anywhere from $20 on upwards. People do not want to pay more than $25 for a painting. The paint alone could be around $50 upwards for one painting. And the time used to create the art is not considered.


  2. tersiaburger says:

    It is magnificent!!!!


    • Thank you so much, Tersia! I hope you are doing well. Great that you were able to travel to see family! I have been reading about South Africa and the water issue in Capetown. And, then, we have trouble with our democracy…no compassion for immigrants…no compassion for others. Our country has lost its way. I spend every day signing petitions for the rights of our immigrants. The world is so sad when it could be so beautiful!


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