we stepped into a dream







we stepped into a dream

breathing in

cascading heartbeat doves

winging our way into love


we stepped into a dream

water-colored moments

Spring came into Autumn

no hint of the elusive phantom


we stepped into a dream

penetrating walls of silence

opening up new auras

and countless beaches


we stepped into a dream

for a little while

seeing moments of paradise

blossoming mornings of edelweiss

the Mountains of Banff

Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta, Canada

towering high granite

breath-taking banquet

windswept tree lines

sheer rock sublime

cool mountain streams

never-ending dreams

unique facets at every angle

invitation more than cordial

how small and insignificant we are

you stand tall as our guiding star

you weathered many a storm

each crack and crevice gave you form

here and there lightning seared a new path

majestically you withstood the wrath

kiss the sky with your beauty

we feel your strength quite acutely




Impasse at Mount Rundle



the cowgirl treks the slope

grabbing hold of tender branches

feeling the cool evening breeze

amid the tangled scratches

she drinks from the mountain stream

crystal ice soothes her thirst

snowshoe steps brings her closer

determination she does nurse

onward and upward she climbs

keeping her dream constant

seemingly unaware and persistent

in a cloud of unsure distance

then the impasse came

the path could not be found

no fault, no one to blame

the mountain–bare silence, no sound

her steps came to a blunt end

then around the corner of her eye

a new opening came her way

spiraling forth with courage

she created another day!






Crystal Death

the perfectly designed snowflake

came cascading down

on and on it fell

wind carrying it up and over

around and around

twirling once

twirling twice

spiraling forward…

at last, the crystal reached its final resting place


all was quiet

no sound


Final Resting Place

Final Resting Place

the temperature dropped

the heartbeat stopped



mudholes and love crystals

Cloudburst in Milwaukee, WI Photo Credit:  Jane H. Johann; July, 2013

Cloudburst in Milwaukee, WI
Photo Credit:
Jane H. Johann; July, 2013

yellow sunshine bolts

wind riding like a colt

brilliant, radiant light

azure clouds in sight

raindrop falling dew

mudslides coming through

feel it…mind it…drink it all in

drink it all…up to your chin

saturate your open heart

love crystals will do their part



you are a living breeze


Sasketchewan River Valley Photo Credit:  Jane H. Johann August 2013

Sasketchewan River Valley
Photo Credit:
Jane H. Johann
August 20


the river of life

carried you to me

loneliness swept away

with a living breeze


lightness and quiet

are your ways

design and beauty

weaved in your stay


tiptoeing through mud

it never stays on your feet

the Earth is your cushion

never feeling defeat


eons of sapphire blue

found in your eyes

your smile so warm

a compassionate guide