Help: Stuck

I received many likes on my last posting. (It does beg the question if anyone actually read it. )Only no one responded to my QUESTION and/or plea for help!

How do I get out of EDIT Mode in this site that I am attempting to set up for my artist friend and teacher of young children in India?

This is the site:

Here is screen shot of the PROBLEM I am having… it says “Edit” immediately AFTERNOON the title. This means anyone can edit it!! I don’t know to get out of that Mode! Help!


I have met this great friend, who has now become my brother, from Krishnanagar, India. He has begun an art school for the village children with this hope: “I only want to serve the coming generations to be taught with good intentions for building up a good humanity….if we can establish an art school for the ignored generations I hope human characters will change for the future.”

In this time of global upheaval, a worldwide pandemic, and Mother Earth in such pain, I find Shekhar De’s optimistic attitude for the children in his village and his dream of an art school amazing , inspirational and hopeful!

Please help me improve his WordPress site! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so very much, dear WordPress friends!

I have tried to help him by setting up a blog on WordPress. Unfortunately, I have become a bit rusty in keeping up with how WordPress functions. And I am at an impasse! And the general question & forum guide isn’t any help and I do not seem able to find a Live Person in WordPress Company to help. Is there such a person?

If you go to his site, you will see that I am stuck in “Edit” mode! His WordPress site is:

This is WHERE I need YOUR HELP ! Can someone tell me how to get out of Edit Mode? Please help me help Shekhar De!

While you visit his site, check out his art and if you so inclined or able, consider purchasing his personal art which he is selling so that he can build an art school for the village children and buy their art supplies for them. He wants the forgotten children of our world to have a chance at life! Thank you!

His WordPress site is:

Thank you in bengali language is DHANYABAD or in our bengali letters ‘ধন্যবাদ’. Shekhar De joins me in saying “Dhanyabad” for your help!

Shekhar De with his students

Shekhar Ch. De. C/o Late Sunil Baran Dey. 4th lane B. N. Dutta, Hatarpara (near JNNYCC) . City. Krishnanagar, Dist. Nadia. State. West Bengal, Pin. 741101. India.

An intense student using the seat of his bicycle to draw!

Outdoor Art School

Some of Shekhar De’s art:

Listening to the Silence

The universe encompasses me

In this emerald blanket of silence

As the daffodils dance delightfully in the sun

The pear blossoms begging their growth

Nature is opening up to the fresh air

Now is our moment to begin anew

Not to “return to normal” a life that had been so askew

Now is our chance to reduce the “air” pollution

Now is our chance to be kind to each other

Now is the time to erase the concept of race and look into the eyes of each other and see we are ALL ONE… we are ALL human beings…we are NOT red, yellow, brown, black, white—-we are living souls who need each other!

Shifting Winds

Palmyra, WI USA

The day begins…

yellow daffodils dancing playfully

as the Spring breeze tiptoes between them…

Then the image of a child in a detention center floods the scene

Tears streaming down her cheek, with no parent to run to…no bosom to bury her face into …no one to console…

“Where is Mommy? Where is Papa?”

No answer… and the wind continues its journey

Spring pear blossoms fill the air…

Morning Sun has touched its sprigs of new life…

Another shoeless child fills the belly of the white cloud overhead

No record of his name… too young for himself to have claimed…

Staring into the world… no direction… no affection

While in the outside world people are busy making America great again…

Filling the streets with polluting cars…hurrying to consume more and more…

Meanwhile…the whisperings of children are buried deep underneath what we call LIFE

Strawberry white flowers dot the ground… seeking warmth and rooted well…

I lay on the warm grass, feeling so free…while 6 states away a sleepless child lays on a cot, with no one to nurture her as she lays dying…o

Yes… heartless country…let us make America great…replace illegality with morality… by reuniting these children with their parents

Buenos dias! Good morning!

– – –

tears tripping over themselves

Humanity is suffering… but there are heroes and heroines everywhere…

A woman, a young woman once, then a mother, then a grandmother, then a great- grandmother, in her 90’s, opened her heart once more: “Give the ventilator to someone younger.”

A young mother of three and a nurse, continued to work at the hospital to save lives… she lost hers…

A young man, only 28, worked at a senior care facility…they elderly needed him… then one day, he came home to his Mother, and died in her arms…

The daycare teacher, watching over the children of those working in the hospital… developed a fever…the “invisible stalker” took her away…

The ambulance driver, father of two, drove the sick to the clinic…he never made it home again…

The grandfather, having given the best years of his life, nurturing, loving, providing for his family, his children, his grandchildren… was suddenly among the stars…

The First-Responder, working 14 hour days…using his mask over and over again, no gloves available…collapsed…leaving his earthly home…

The doctor, working non-stop, overcome with fatigue…succumbed to the fever…went into a coma…never to return

The hospital receptionist, checking people in, exposed daily to the beast…slumped over at the coffee table… never to lift her head again…

REST in PEACE … you did the “ hard thing”— you didn’t turn away when another asked for your help…

Sunrise in Palmyra 2020