Happy Birthday, Bobbi

“Bobbi’s Birthday Sunrise”
March 15, 2018 Copyright
©Jane H Johann; Palmyra, WI

dedicated to a dear friend, Bobbi, on her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Bobbi!

the morning sky opened

with a string of stars, dancing delightfully, 

welcoming you to another day of LIFE

Mother Earth blesses your day

thanking YOU for your GIFT of BEING 

–your comforting presence among the trees

–your caring feeding of her birds

–your tenderness and caring of those who are in your life

–you are a spouse to one, a mother of three, and a friend to me

how blessed we are that we share the path

your quick wit and endearing smile

graces us as we walk the miles!

                                                        May YOUR DAY be blessed! 


“Ottawa Sunset”©Jane H. Johann
Palmyra, WI 11/28/2017



Daffodil Friends

©Jane H. Johann, April 16, 2017
“Sunday Morning Daffodil Smiles” No.1

the orange sliced sun streams

through the white puffed marshmallow skies

giving us hints of Spring

as the daffodil peeps through to say, “hello!”

hope and promise fill our being

yellow delight fills our hearts

as we pick ourselves up

and again…

dare to dream


Photo Credit
©Jane H. Johann, April, 14, 2017
“Sunday Morning Daffodil Smiles” No.2

©Jane H. Johann
“Sunday Morning Daffodil Smiles” #3


©Jane H. Johann
“Sunday Morning Daffodil Smiles” No.4

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I have tried to ask for help from the WordPress forum and the chat room—that I cannot seem to find. Finally, after at least six months of frustration without a resolution to my question, I decided to post my frustration here.

Whenever I visit someone’s blog, I would like to acknowledge their piece of writing with a LIKE if I LIKE it! I have logged into my site, then visit the READER and proceed to read others’ blogs.

However, I am UNABLE to indicate I LIKE it even when I click the LIKE button.  I am not allowed to leave COMMENTS.

What am I doing incorrectly?  Yes, I paid my membership. LOL

Is there a PLUG-In that I should have activated so that I can LIKE someone’s writing?  Is there a PLUG-IN for a COMMENT?

Am I the only person experiencing this problem?

A flower for your thoughts!

Photo Credit
©Jane H. Johann, April, 16,, 2017
©Jane H. Johann
“Sunday Morning Daffodil Smiles” No.1

WordPress was my salvation—and now the conversation has ended! YIKES!


Thank you in advance!