The Land of Hope: Enough

The Milky Way Solar System existed in the great universe, somewhere out there in starland. Within this sphere, a tiny caring country existed. This country was green and beautiful with trees, lakes, rivers, majestic plains and mountains that touched the sky! Within this country were people of all different beliefs, colors and physical stature. However, they held one common element tight in their heart: they each cared about the other! When someone was in need of bread or needed something to drink, another would share what they had. If someone needed shoes, and another had two pair, she would give her second pair to that person. No one thought about creating endless rows of storage units to place their stuff…there was no need…everyone shared…so everyone had ENOUGH.

This country had many libraries–and unique libraries! Of course, one was a library of tradition, with thousands of books on every subject. Then there was a library of toys so children could check them out like books, entertaining themselves with something new whenever their interest developed into something more. There was a library of tools –providing what was needed for every home project: always ENOUGH!

Knowledge was honored and freely shared with one another so that each person could be lifted up as high as she or he wanted to rise! Always ENOUGH!

There were many places to live in this world…in the mountains… by the seaside… in the forests…in little towns… in the countryside… people could move wherever they wanted… wherever a person chose to live, their talents and gifts would be given freely to the development of the community. No one need sleep on hard concrete during the winter months or sit in sidewalks in the sweltering heat…each person had a place called home…No one was arrested for being in sight…no one was arrested for being in the posh section of town for those areas didn’t exist in this world where each person was valued as a human being! Always room ENOUGH!

Each person had her or his giftedness and was respected for who she or he was. If someone was ill or differently-abled, understanding was the code employed and compassion and caring was the guide. Love was always ENOUGH!

Gardens and fields were tended by those who loved to grow plants. The cities had fruit trees planted along the sidewalks so that if someone was hungry and the season was right, they could just reach up for an apple and bite! Grocery stores never threw good food away for at the end of a day anything remaining would be set out in a free display. No one went hungry! There was never the thought of giving a police ticket to someone who gave another free soup or sandwich. There was ENOUGH for all.

Together balance was the goal each day… kind to oneself and to each other… kind to nature and to all the creatures great and small that lived…kind to Mother Earth and all that she had given…and it was ENOUGH!