The “how-to’s” of WordPress Awards

Someone asked me, “How do I go about accepting a WordPress Award? I do not understand how to do it. And how do you transfer the AWARD IMAGE on to your blog?”

This blog posting is an attempt to respond to those questions. I am only suggesting what it is that I do. I am sure there are other ways to respond and probably short-cuts for transferring the image, that I have yet to discover.

I have noticed that some people prefer to keep their blogs, “Award-free.”  And I do try to respect that when I notice a posting of that nature on someone’s blog.

I also know, that when I first began on WordPress, I was wondering “IF” I should be a blogger and I was quite shy about writing and placing my thoughts out there for the world to see.  For me, personally, the Awards, built my self-confidence as a writer and it also gave me the opportunity to express my gratitude to others and the inspirations their words, photos and drawings brought to me.

I feel the writers, poets, artists of all mediums, have enriched my life! I would never have met so many wonderful people and friends, had it not been for the WordPress forum.  Blogging gave me a doorway out into the world–because, for several personal reasons, I am quite isolated, and so WordPress was my way to travel out and the traveling gave me life and hope to go on!

How-To-Transfer the AWARD IMAGE

1. Usually the person giving you the Award, will have the Award on their site to present.   Go to THEIR site, if they have not posted it on your blog, find the AWARD IMAGE and CLICK directly on the Image.   After you CLICK, the internet will take you to a NEW Page and only the IMAGE will be on that page.

2. Once you have clicked on the Award Image, go up to the Search Bar at the top of your screen, and COPY the address.

3. Go to your Dashboard, and to APPEARANCE…then WIDGETS. This will take you to another page. Then click  IMAGE…and slide the ‘IMAGE BOX’ over to the right-hand side of  your page as you are looking at it. 

4.Write the TITLE of your award in the appropriate slot, entitled WIDGET TITLE:    Example: “The Lighthouse Award.”

5. Now the Information that you copied from the Search Bar, should be pasted into the Image Form in TWO places. If you fail to do both places, it will NOT show on your blog.  Paste the IMAGE in the (1)IMAGE URL slot and the (2)LINK URL slot.

NOW the FUN PART — Following the RULES of Acceptance of the Award

1. First, acknowledge your acceptance  and gratitude for the award to the person who gave it to you.  You  do this by going to the blog of the person who sent you the award—I usually post the acceptance in the ABOUT page. 

2. The person who sent you the award will tell you what you need to do next. Simply, follow the steps by posting your acceptance of the award and following the stated rules on a page of your blog.

3. Almost always you are asked to nominate OTHER BLOGGERS.  TWO STEPS:  (1)  What you do in this instance, is List the Author’s Name (if you know it) and the Title of their BLOG and WHY you are nominating them.  (2)You also must inform that blogger that you are giving them an award.

I think that is all there is to accepting the AWARDS!  If I have forgotten anything, please comment and let me add it!  I hope this helps.  I had the same questions when I accepted by first award.  We are all beginners at one point or another!  🙂



How to Add an Image to your Widget! Eureka!

Widget-driven dashboard

Widget-driven dashboard (Photo credit: Sourcefabric)

A miracle has occurred at 2:27 AM in Palmyra, Wisconsin!  I have finally figured out how to add an image to my widget to display on the sidebar of my blog. [Even when  you roll that phrase off your tongue, it sounds so cute: “add an image to your widget!”] LOL

I am so happy!  I did NOT know how to add “Bloggers for Peace, “and other images that I wanted.  Here are the easy steps for the technologically challenged like myself!  I should be in bed, but I have to write it before I forget it! LOL

1. Go to your Dashboard and travel down the list to APPEARANCE.

2. Click on APPEARANCE.

3.  A list will appear to the RIGHT…..then Click on WIDGETS.

4. Choose IMAGE and slide it over to the right of your page.

5. Fill in the TITLE of the Icon into the IMAGE widget you just slid over…the TITLE would be the Icon  you are wishing to paste on your sidebar…. EXAMPLE:  Bloggers for Peace

6.  Go to Google or whichever Search Engine you use.

7.  Write in the icon you are searching for….as an example, I wanted to paste the icon, “Bloggers for Peace”……so here is what I did:  In the search bar at the top of your computer write in :…… can do the same procedure if you desire to look for the icon for an award that you receive.

8.  Then once you find the page with the ICON only on that page….you want to RIGHT CLICK …and a list will drop down, reading COPY IMAGE….click on this

9. Return to your WIDGET Menu

10. Write in the URL address in TWO PLACES:

(1)Image URL   Example:

(2)Link URL      Example:

11. Hit SAVE at the bottom of your widget menu.

12. Hopefully, the icon will appear on your sidebar!

Link your WORDPRESS blog manually to Gravatar or We Won’t Find YOU!

Gravatar 2.0 - retouched

Gravatar 2.0 – retouched (Photo credit: Daniel Semper)

Dear Bloggers, my Friends~

I have been visiting many Gravatar Profiles as of late in an effort to do more reading of the blogs of others. I have noticed that I am *not* able to find the WordPress link for many of you. I end up calling in the CIA and the FBI to locate you! I do not mind the extra effort that I put in to reach you, however, I learned from my own experience, and after having it pointed out to me by a fellow blogger, Steven,  that we have to MANUALLY LINK our WordPress address to the Gravatar image.  You do this by following the steps below:   (A note of encouragement to the technologically challenged, like myself, TAKE HEART, it is not difficult, because even I could do it! LOL)

PLEASE be sure to Manually LINK your WORDPRESS address to your Gravatar Image!

How to Add Links to Your Gravatar Profile

If you would like, you can add links to your personal pages that are not available as Verified Services. Your Gravatar profile will display a snapshot of the linked page, along with a title you select. To add a link:

Log in to your Gravatar account...I was told this link does not work and I have no idea how to make that happen! So…I would suggest if you need the steps to do this…print it out…and then log into your Gravatar account and you will be on your way…!

Click on My Account, then click Edit My Profile.

Click on My Links to the left.

To add your link, type in the URL (page address) and a title for the link.

Click Add.

We’ll list your links right above where you added the information. To remove a link you’ve previously added, click the “X” located next to the link in the list.

Links you have added will appear below your biography information on your Gravatar Profile.