How to Add an Image to your Widget! Eureka!

Widget-driven dashboard

Widget-driven dashboard (Photo credit: Sourcefabric)

A miracle has occurred at 2:27 AM in Palmyra, Wisconsin!  I have finally figured out how to add an image to my widget to display on the sidebar of my blog. [Even when  you roll that phrase off your tongue, it sounds so cute: “add an image to your widget!”] LOL

I am so happy!  I did NOT know how to add “Bloggers for Peace, “and other images that I wanted.  Here are the easy steps for the technologically challenged like myself!  I should be in bed, but I have to write it before I forget it! LOL

1. Go to your Dashboard and travel down the list to APPEARANCE.

2. Click on APPEARANCE.

3.  A list will appear to the RIGHT…..then Click on WIDGETS.

4. Choose IMAGE and slide it over to the right of your page.

5. Fill in the TITLE of the Icon into the IMAGE widget you just slid over…the TITLE would be the Icon  you are wishing to paste on your sidebar…. EXAMPLE:  Bloggers for Peace

6.  Go to Google or whichever Search Engine you use.

7.  Write in the icon you are searching for….as an example, I wanted to paste the icon, “Bloggers for Peace”……so here is what I did:  In the search bar at the top of your computer write in :…… can do the same procedure if you desire to look for the icon for an award that you receive.

8.  Then once you find the page with the ICON only on that page….you want to RIGHT CLICK …and a list will drop down, reading COPY IMAGE….click on this

9. Return to your WIDGET Menu

10. Write in the URL address in TWO PLACES:

(1)Image URL   Example:

(2)Link URL      Example:

11. Hit SAVE at the bottom of your widget menu.

12. Hopefully, the icon will appear on your sidebar!

34 thoughts on “How to Add an Image to your Widget! Eureka!

  1. Clanmother says:

    Congratulations!!! We continue to learn as we go along…
    It feels wonderful!!!


    • Yes…Glad to have connected with you also! I love your entire blog –the art is amazing! I am so happy to keep growing…I feel I have so much to learn everyday! and it is liberating to feel that way! Your blog says it has closed your comments on what you last posted…I just wanted to say to you, that I loved what you wrote about Ghandi and his march to the sea to make the salt. I loved the movie! When I still taught Middle School, my students and I viewed the movie and we had a great discussion and tried to put the thought into action…we were stopped by the Administration…sadly so.


      • Clanmother says:

        Thank you so much! I have no idea why the comments keep getting closed! Will check it out – thanks for the “head’s up.” Glad we are connected.


  2. Ray's Mom says:

    Sometimes I think WordPress plays games with us – things work, then don’t work, then work again……


    • Yes, I am experiencing that “game” at the moment…I cannot get to my postings! and I traveled to Google to visit my own account—and on some of the sites, my Blog is completely destroyed! I think I have been hacked. It was fine this morning when I left home…and this evening, it is destroyed…I do not know how to fix it. I am so sad.


      • Ray's Mom says:

        So sorry, hope you can re-create or salvage it. God bless


      • I changed my password…seems better today! Thank you! On another much more important note…I am so sorry for your loss…I am sure you feel it even more keenly on days like today. I will return to your site to read it again and be supportive of you in any way that I can.


      • Ray's Mom says:

        Thank you so much – I do admit today has been a difficult day as are birthdays, Christmas and when the telephone rings – I still get that let down when I do not heat “Hi Mom” from my dear son Ray. He was so special…..not just to me, but most that knew him.

        Thank you again and I am still working on a solution for the elected, and often, unqualified coroners whose only oversight is their organization – National Association of Coroners.

        God bless and thank you for your kindness.


      • You are amazing in your desire for truth and in so doing, you are not only helping yourself but so many others to find peace. Blessings!


      • I hope this day you are getting closer to peace….we all return to LOVE…GOD…we will be together with GOD one day…


  3. You are way ahead of me. I’m still trying to post a picture. Gurr – – –


    • Hi Sheri,
      I feel so devastated! I have been hacked and someone seems to be playing with my WordPress blog. It appears as a DIFFERENT format than previously! And now, all the photos and pictures I entered last night, have been removed this afternoon while I was out! No one else was in my home. I went to the Administrator’s information for my blog, and I saw two different email addresses listed as contacts –neither were mine! I feel so lost…I do not know what to do! I do not know what to do!


      • If I can clear this problem up, I will write steps on how to post a picture for you and others and to remind myself again! lol…but right now, I am so lost! It will not allow me to go to my postings! I only got here through Google and not through my usual routing through my email account.


      • Jane – Do you have a spam filter installed on your wordpress account. So far, fingers and toes crossed, my wordpress has been left alone. Is your wordpress hosted by someone. Mine is hosted through But I also have a spam filter system set up for added protection. I have a super smart college student coming to help me this afternoon. I’ll send you a seperate e-mail about the filter I use for spam. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of bloggers use it. I note you follow Ray Russell’s – I think he has the name of the spam filter listed on his home page. But, just in case, I will get back to you with a couple of resources.


      • Yes, I have Askimet, I think that is a filter. It seems to be better now that I deleted the emails that should NOT have been connected to my Administrator’s account and then I changed the password as well. I do not have time today to check further. Live and learn. Thank you so much for your kind email and suggestions — I will read it more carefully and double-check everything. Must leave for Annie’s now.Thank you! Happy Womyn’s Day to you!


      • thank you for your input…it seems to be better as of late…I do not understand all this technology stuff


    • Do you mean a picture of yourself on the sidebar? or a picture or photo in your piece of writing? I can write the directions for all of us. Let me know. Thanks!


  4. Have any of you experienced a new format for WordPress? I also fear I have been HACKED. I looked at the Administrator’s Name and someone else’s EMAIL was listed as the Administrator! I am feeling very sick about this.


  5. Finally!! Now I know 😀


  6. tersiaburger says:

    Ok from where I am your blog seems to be sorted out and looks great to me. I think I am going to change my password now. Maybe it is prudent to change one’s password every couple of months. Good luck dear friend.


  7. Yes, it seems it is better now. I rechecked all the security settings and DEFINITELY changed my password and deleted the fraudulent email addresses. It was a nightmare! But today the SUN is shining! Thanks for your support, Tersia!


  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Great instructions – thank you 🙂


  9. Sharmishtha says:

    thanks for teaching it! I have been really curious to know this thing!


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