Shifting Winds

Palmyra, WI USA

The day begins…

yellow daffodils dancing playfully

as the Spring breeze tiptoes between them…

Then the image of a child in a detention center floods the scene

Tears streaming down her cheek, with no parent to run to…no bosom to bury her face into …no one to console…

“Where is Mommy? Where is Papa?”

No answer… and the wind continues its journey

Spring pear blossoms fill the air…

Morning Sun has touched its sprigs of new life…

Another shoeless child fills the belly of the white cloud overhead

No record of his name… too young for himself to have claimed…

Staring into the world… no direction… no affection

While in the outside world people are busy making America great again…

Filling the streets with polluting cars…hurrying to consume more and more…

Meanwhile…the whisperings of children are buried deep underneath what we call LIFE

Strawberry white flowers dot the ground… seeking warmth and rooted well…

I lay on the warm grass, feeling so free…while 6 states away a sleepless child lays on a cot, with no one to nurture her as she lays dying…o

Yes… heartless country…let us make America great…replace illegality with morality… by reuniting these children with their parents

Buenos dias! Good morning!

– – –

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