I have tried to ask for help from the WordPress forum and the chat room—that I cannot seem to find. Finally, after at least six months of frustration without a resolution to my question, I decided to post my frustration here.

Whenever I visit someone’s blog, I would like to acknowledge their piece of writing with a LIKE if I LIKE it! I have logged into my site, then visit the READER and proceed to read others’ blogs.

However, I am UNABLE to indicate I LIKE it even when I click the LIKE button.  I am not allowed to leave COMMENTS.

What am I doing incorrectly?  Yes, I paid my membership. LOL

Is there a PLUG-In that I should have activated so that I can LIKE someone’s writing?  Is there a PLUG-IN for a COMMENT?

Am I the only person experiencing this problem?

A flower for your thoughts!

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©Jane H. Johann, April, 16,, 2017
©Jane H. Johann
“Sunday Morning Daffodil Smiles” No.1

WordPress was my salvation—and now the conversation has ended! YIKES!


Thank you in advance!

5 thoughts on “LIKE—help!

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Yes, this happened to me. You are most likely being incorrectly identified as spam by the Askimet filter. Askimet is WP’s spam service. Email WP and ask them to give you the email address to Askimet. Email Askimet and ask them to look into your situation. If you are being labeled as spam, they can fix it for you. I did a post about my experience with this that may be relevant to you:
    Good luck!

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    • Thank you so much, Cindy! I went to your site and read your post. I then proceeded to Askimet and sent them my message. I do not know what my Askimet KEY is…I didn’t even know that I had one! So I may have to figure that out and resend my request to unspam my comments. Thank YOU so much for your help! I have been going to your blog and reading your writings and now you know WHY I haven’t left a LIKE or Comment!
      I enjoy all that you write very much! Best to you this Spring! Once again, thank you so much!

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  2. I have contacted: So far we have exchanged four emails. Still waiting for a resolution.
    I discovered today that I can hit LIKE on the READER and then it works! However, if I VISIT the actual blog, my LIKE will not register.


  3. Still NO solution to the LIKE issue—does anyone else have a suggestion? I cannot understand WHY WordPress cannot help, since we all subscribe to it.


  4. In case anyone is interested—FINALLY—a resolution to the above issue of LIKING with the CLICK button! I spoke with a WP staff person, and we went through a series of steps…the FINAL SOLUTION was not my internet search engine …but it was the SETTINGS in the Search Engine. I use GOOGLE CHROME most of the time…sometimes Internet Explorer (when using Internet Explorer, I had NO ISSUES!). However, he wanted to know WHY Google Chrome did not work. So we went to the SETTINGS in Google Chrome…then to ADVANCED…on to COOKIES…then to THIRD PARTY COOKIES. ALLOW Third Party Cookies—-you may suffer with an onslaught of ads—-however, this will ALLOW the LIKE button to work when you visit other sites! It is working NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after 8 months of NO LIKES! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pass the INFO on freely!


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