enter the Sacred Space

Spring Lake, Alberta, Canada Photo Credit:  Jane H. Johann, Fall, 2013

Spring Lake, Alberta, Canada
Photo Credit:
Jane H. Johann, Fall, 2013


your heart is broken

no words spoken

nothing more to say

nothing to make you stay


the pain is intense

no recompense

feeling the pain

release again


honor your inner self

do not keep your love on the shelf

honor the sacred space within

silence the backspin din


find the pieces one by one

find your heart…seek the inner Sun

focus on all that is good and true

quietly receive the crystal dew

“forgive me” moments

Jasper Rocky Mountains

“Light Breaking in Jasper” October, 2013 Oil Painting by Jane H. Johann

forgive me

forgive me for doubting you

forgive me for doubting your WORD

Your WORD is YOU

Your WORD is true

It is the essence of all that you are

“In the Beginning was the WORD

and the WORD was with GOD

and the WORD was GOD”

You were being the Love of God to me

You were the LIGHT BEING

and I extinguished it

and now I regret it…

it is hard to recognize the truth

when countless times

the shadows took over

forgive me

and love me…

once again

you are resting

you are resting

far away in the hospital bed

i am waiting for you…

here in my heart, not my head

i look at the genius

portrayed in your art

i imagine the thought

that gave you the start

i wonder in amazement

at the skill of your hand

so deftly touching

the paper as the pencil ran

the body in motion

gives pause to contemplate

the colors of birch

challenge the slate

reminders of you

are all around

reminders of you

your love knows no bounds

i know you are sleeping

you keep the dreams for the day

I know you are resting

healing is on the way

I can only whisper

and offer my prayer

I can only let you know

that I sincerely care

I sit here in silence

praying for your best

I sit here and pray

that LOVE gives you some rest

humanity’s dream

“Yesterday we obeyed kings
and bent our necks before emperors.
But today we kneel only to truth,
follow only beauty,
and obey only love.”  
                                  —Kahlil Gibran
Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran (Photo credit: Bruno Amaral™)

the sun rose in brilliance
golden streaks woke up across the sky
soft pastels of blue danced around the hue
on the water below lights sparkled in delight
as the children’s laughter filled the shore
the whispering waves saintly dove across each other
echoing crystals of love
carrying us intimately into being


petaled drop love

Love Songs (Heart album)

Love Songs (Heart album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

love is so desired

love sets us on fire

we forget the when, the where, the why

our molecules will do anything to feel that lie

we are lost in the wonder of it all

we hear nothing but the love call

it carries us to the beyond

and when it is lost…we cannot respond

our song dies

only tears linger in our eyes

we reach for the stars

but our heart is left ajar

we flounder through the rain

left stunned and in pain

to the Wounded…You are LOVED

Dedicated to Cheri, my gentle friend


To all the Wounded…YOU are loved

Ignore the naysayers who defy you, peaceful dove

Your beauty unfolds with your gentle walk

You give voice to those who cannot talk

Honoring your voice within

Is the strength you need to never give-in

Remember…there are others who share your vision

Remember…there are others who do not want division

Remember…there are others who walk beside you

Remember…there are others who struggle too

Remember…we are there with you

Remember…we need your joy too

Remember…the Truth that set you on your path

Remember…your steps of hope are important on the footpath

Remember…you need to be your own best friend

Remember…loving yourself is as important in the end

Remember…you are the gentle wind in the grass

Remember…you are the sparkle in the sassafras

Remember…you are the softness of the morning light

Remember…you are the twinkle in the starlight

Remember…you are the cooing in our hearts sung by the Mourning Doves

Remember…you are never without our love

Remember…you are freshness of the water upon our face

Remember…your tears of strength are what gives us grace

Remember…we need your voice

Remember…always, for yourself and others, make the loving choice