Help One Another

This is the major economic problem with the USA. Add taxation to anyone who tries to help themselves. Tax policy of 2018 by the Trump Administration was particularly devastating to the Middle Class—- people work extra jobs because their regular 40 hour/week job barely meets basic housing and nutritional needs and then taxation kills their efforts! The American myth of “if you work 40 hours a week, it can support your family of four disintegrated with the beginning of taxation of Social Security during Nixon’s presidency. Reagan added to the misery with his economic policies, from “the needy to the greedy” and for the first time borrowed from Social Security funds—- affecting everyone who has paid into it. “Right to Work” legislation in by the favor of Corporations, left the American worker on the bottom shelf, hanging with bleeding fingernails! Basically, we are screwed. Tax laws must be changed! Social justice— fair wages— respect for the human person, regardless of race or beliefs, or orientation—-must once again be fought for in this country. Human dignity must be restored! We can never standstill—the last four years has made that abundantly clear! We have lost our compassion for one another. Greed has taken over too many and IF I hear one more person say,”if they would just get a job and not be lazy!” I may utu combust!! Who gives a person an opportunity? THAT is the person I want to be and see…that is what each of us must strive to do for one another. No one would be in a comfortable position today if someone had not come along and helped them! We each need to do inventory of who we are and how we got there—-and then PAY IT FORWARD!