Ridden With Insecurity

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Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I consider the possibility of performing some substantial feat, I tend to overestimate my abilities rather than underestimate them. As in: Oh that test that’s coming up? I can study for that within two days! or when I’m watching a horror movie: Psh. This group of young protagonists is so stupid. Why not stay together to fight off the killer collectively rather than split themselves up and make them more susceptible to attack? Amateurs. I could do so much better. And then I hear another bump in the night, and my popcorn goes flying.

I found myself in similar circumstances, as in me grossly overestimating my abilities, just a few days ago. See, I live literally two minutes away from a very good friend of mine, and  I usually walk past her house on my frequent walks outside. While I’m tempted to go over and…

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finding a new way…

In the birth of Spring

the tiny bud falls from the tree

too early for its demise…

In the midst of love

uneasiness like a sliver under the skin

either works its way out with pampering and care


 takes hold, digs deeper, hidden in darkness

eroding what hope remains…

somewhere and somehow in that eternal mess of frustration and despair

the SPIRIT to LIVE surfaces

beckons us on to find a new way

Choice is always there




Alberta, Canada  "Dawn Breaking" Photo Credit: Jane Johann c.2013

Alberta, Canada “Dawn Breaking” Photo Credit: Jane Johann c.2013

“In the final analysis,

the questions of why bad things happen to good people transmutes itself into some very different questions,

no longer asking why something happened,

but asking how we will respond,

what we intend to do now that it happened.” 

 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

quietly she would go about her day…

Dedicated to Mary Mitty


quietly she would go about her day

rising early to greet the sun

all things in order on her dresser

bills to pay…love to stay

cards that came and then put away

smiles always ready come what may


morning cup of joe

no caffeine but tasty enough

breakfast was a warm up time

strawberry oatmeal the winter go

sausage and eggs another show

encouraging everyone to grow


children would give their requests

warm hearts together grew

and there she was

preparing and giving her best

the Eagles landed in Iowa’s nest

together they watched them grow and rest


walks around the circle they went

stories read and stories listened to

drawings of love not too few

so the quiet exchange was spent

love for real and often sent

strength from her was lent


Parcheesi  challenge of the day

Ayden loved being king of the game

red, yellow, green and blue

Nadia polite enough to play

patient Mary the peaceful mainstay

and so whiled the evening away


Intuitive and clever was her walk

offering insight and common sense

always encouraging with care

gentle was her hand and talk

prompt and steady like the clock

strength of spirit was her inner smock

"Seeking Light" Photo Credit: Ayden M, Krenn. December, 2014

“Seeking Light” Photo Credit: Ayden M, Krenn. December, 2014




Courage to Begin Again…and Again…and Again

Photo Credit;  Jane H. Johann,  Dec. 2014 "Moving On"

Photo Credit; Jane H. Johann, Dec. 2014 “Moving On”

put your feet back into the shoes

take one step forward

and then …


and another…

and another…

keep walking

until you find JOY

be attentive

JOY is all around YOU

be attentive

to your inner soul

be attentive

to the LIGHT within

open yourself to receive

allow the LIGHT to surface

Courage, my friend, courage


profound sorrow of a child

the child opens her hand

offers the dandelion


the child opens her hand

offers her scribbles


the child opens her hand

offers her stuffed toy


the child opens her hand

offers a whisper


the child opens her hand

offers her hand



"Spring Daffodil" Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, Palmyra, WI , USA April, 2015

“Spring Daffodil” Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, Palmyra, WI , USA April, 2015


the child droops her head

in all her beauty

sadness abounds