Courage to Begin Again…and Again…and Again

Photo Credit;  Jane H. Johann,  Dec. 2014 "Moving On"

Photo Credit; Jane H. Johann, Dec. 2014 “Moving On”

put your feet back into the shoes

take one step forward

and then …


and another…

and another…

keep walking

until you find JOY

be attentive

JOY is all around YOU

be attentive

to your inner soul

be attentive

to the LIGHT within

open yourself to receive

allow the LIGHT to surface

Courage, my friend, courage


13 thoughts on “Courage to Begin Again…and Again…and Again

  1. Jane, how have you been. Longest time. It is well, my friend. 🙂


    • greetings, dear Celestine! Yes, a long time…I am moving and still alive…and your presence and words touch my heart! thank you for coming to visit and taking the time to say “hi”…..Blessings to you, dear Celestine, the Queen of the Haiku!


  2. says:

    life is always one step forward


  3. Cardboard Express says:

    This poem is incredibly powerful. By expressing the necessity to begin the trying journey forward, you have aptly captured the beauty of courage and hope. I enjoy reading your work. 😀

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