Catching the Wind in His Hand

Dedicated to Ayden

who joined me in writing this poem.

The title is Ayden’s creation.  Ayden is 7 years old and has a very tender and kind heart! 


freedom is~

a child climbing a tree so high

lost in the branches touching the sky

the wind blowing through her hair

swaying back and forth without a care

freedom is~

walking through the grass knee high

lost in wonder and loving the why

moving forward with daring speed

he spins and moves as he needs

freedom is~

lying on the hillside and looking at the clouds

seeing the giraffe and hippo in the crowd

catching the wind in his hand

cartwheeling and doing a grand stand









 Dedicated to Nadia and Ayden,

my dear grandchildren who contributed to the poem

with rhyming lines and stocking feet! 


Green socks, red socks!

Everybody loves socks!


Perhaps the pink sock went out for the day

In any case, its partner is here to stay


Oh glorious purple, how beautiful your hue

But the other is lost, so what should I do?


The Green Bay Packer sock went out for a touchdown

While this one is left in the bleachers with a sad frown


Oh, you with the beautiful orange and green stripes

What an adornment you were, with the St. Patrick’s Day pipes!


Twenty odd colors of blue, who would suspect such a queue?

How I long for a simple, marching parade of two!


Did you ever think black had so many shades?

My shoes are protesting and formed a blockade!


Red, purple, green, yellow and blue

Too many socks, I do not know what to do!


Now there are five wiggling toes looking at me~

Where, oh where, can the other five be?


Their partners have left them stranded here alone

No forwarding address, no texting, no micro smart phone!


Dedicated to

Mary Mitty

Happy Birthday!

Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, July, 2014

Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, July, 2014

 the promise of the NOW

speaks through your gentle presence

your strength is like the bough of a tree,

flexible with the wind,

but resiliently steadfast

you are courageous

as you walk forward into the unknown


walks with you

as you share the goodness of LIFE

to all you meet on the way

January 1, 2015

the early morning stillness

tiptoes through the heart

offering another day of love

offering another day of giving

as we paint our moments on the windows of life 

called to be a sun-filled blessing

valuing the LIGHT in each other and in ourselves

in the silence of the Presence

we pray for ourselves and for each other

Frosted Window c.Photo Credit, Jane  H. Johann.Dec.31, 2014 Palmyra, WI. USA

Frosted Window c.Photo Credit, Jane H. Johann.Dec.31, 2014
Palmyra, WI. USA

Blessings to Each of   YOU, my dear Readers  and your families, in this year of 2015!


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