Listening to the Silence

The universe encompasses me

In this emerald blanket of silence

As the daffodils dance delightfully in the sun

The pear blossoms begging their growth

Nature is opening up to the fresh air

Now is our moment to begin anew

Not to “return to normal” a life that had been so askew

Now is our chance to reduce the “air” pollution

Now is our chance to be kind to each other

Now is the time to erase the concept of race and look into the eyes of each other and see we are ALL ONE… we are ALL human beings…we are NOT red, yellow, brown, black, white—-we are living souls who need each other!

2 thoughts on “Listening to the Silence

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Yes. Now is our chance. Will we seize it?

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  2. Let us live and let us let live.


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