it was just a flower garden

IMAG3572she got up early

and toiled in the soil on the hillside

hoping to pull the weeds

before the hot sun struck her back…

it was just a flower garden

a simple flower garden

into which she tried

–to find meaning

–to give meaning

–to be meaningful

finally she had to leave and rest

and found herself seated on the front doorstep

and all of her life passed her by–

the tears fell one by one–

pounding the cement

with each memory


morning entrance



Looking out over the backyard,

my eye takes in a delicious view…

the dew is gentle on the perennials —

whose guest appearance is more abundant this year with the copious amount of rainfall–

in the distance, I can see the fog lift up the grass..

the fields stretch for miles

bordered by a silhouette of forest…

the birds have already begun their morning dialogue

the birch tree is stretching to grow…

and the majestic sun-fire is entering to light our day–

Morning to you all!


an oblique glance

an oblique glance

came my way

as tears

washed through the inside of me

how humanity

finds sorrow difficult to face head on

we sandwich our funerals in between our tasks

we excuse ourselves if we are asked

we run

we hide

we fear

we do not want to be its pawn

yet into every life

grief enters

perhaps if we entered its song

we could right ourselves from the wrong?IMAG2523



DER HORENDE by Toni Zenz


building in my mind

squeezing the orange

one more time!

pain floating

in and out

how the inner voices

leap and shout

Toni Zenz, “Der Hörende”

(“The Listener,” bronze, 1957,

Pax-Christi Kirche, Essen, Germany)

why?…why not?

judge…do not judge


brain fog smudge


leap on that being

turn it into becoming

let out the primordial scream





Teachers as wise as Lao Tzu have extolled the virtues of patience – “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” – See more at:



petal openness

joy without reservation

just being itself






tiny seeds of life

nurtured daily with loving

persevering will





being, becoming, loving, forgiving




Whisper Quick

In Loving Memory of my brother,

Airman Roger  J. Johann

July 24, 1935-May, 4, 1955



Life is a whisper quick–

as he balanced the cigarette on his lip

I was just three, sitting on his knee

the kitchen chair, him and me

then he passed the cigarette my way

naïve I was what can I say

when a puff of smoke I did inhale

and I felt ever so pale

big brothers have their ways

and we did bond deeply in that stay.

It was Christmas Eve and I was four

I was waiting for him who I adored

Snuggled in his bed asleep

He picked me up and down the stairs we did creep

There underneath the lit Christmas tree

Colored chalk and blackboard waiting for me!

Off to England and Iceland next

There he was the Air Force guest

Then the day became the night

His life was lost on that flight

Only nineteen, it was not fair

So young and so much to give for freedom’s dare

The North Atlantic took him to the Lord

And his eight friends who were aboard

Now the years have come and gone

Still I remember his gentle song

My Mom sat with me

Beneath the window breeze

Pointing to the sky

To the military formation for me to fly

There were the planes one by one

Except for yours, they flew their song

How deep her sorrow for you she wept

In her heart, the love she kept

How many young people have given their life

For freedom, that day, became your wife














“It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.”




the hurt of betrayal

shakes a person to the core

the hurt of betrayal

closes love’s door

disbelief and shock

become companions of the day

sleeplessness and tears

become the unspoken way

doubts of self arise within

becoming despair and lost hope

dragging in the mud

contemplating how to cope

as illusions continue to flood

the pain is real and deep

trust is in a tailspin

still love prevails as I weep

somehow forgiveness

must enter once more

somehow goodness

must surface to the floor

compassion for the other

cannot be ignored

compassion for oneself

as hope opens the door


Young Sapling

blew in the breeze

as the wind carried its branches

into freedom wind.

The gusts invisible breath was so strong

that Young  Sapling gymnast

touched Mother Earth with a fleeting kiss

springing back into position in a flash!

Not quite sure how it happened or why!

A short distance away

was Grandmother Birch

fifty years its senior

steady and strong as the wind blew.

Outwardly appearing invincible

to the taunt and fury of the wind.

2012. Palmyra, WI., USA Photo credit: J. H. Johann

2012. Palmyra, WI., USA
Photo credit: J. H. Johann


However, inside and  in between were the years:

the happenings…

the choices…

the laughter…

the slam dunks,..

the “how did it happen?” phenomena…

the joys…

the rug pulled out from underneath…

the hurts…

the tears…

the love given…

the affirmations…

the love lost…

the triumphs…

the failures…

the successes…

the love memories

the “get back up” and live some more


that weathered the storm

and broke forth in LIGHT and HOPE

and CHOSE to live!

As the girth of the tree widened

new sprouts came forth!