Morning Sundrops




Photo Credit: n.h. bourne, 2014

“Sunshine Landslide”
Photo Credit: n. h. bourne


morning sundrops

dance across the tips of the prairie grass

love lighting their way

into the perfect day


"Tiny Delights" Photo Credit:  n.h.bourne;2014.

“Tiny Delights” Photo Credit: n.h.bourne;2014.

"Butter Love"  Photo Credit: n. h. bourne; 2014

“Butter Love” Photo Credit: n. h. bourne; 2014


8 thoughts on “Morning Sundrops

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Your poetry remind me of God’s perfect creation days


  2. This is so lovely, so so lovely


  3. clarabetty says:

    I love you nature poetry. Yoshiko is right-don’t remove the copyright-He inspired you, but it took your time and skill to turn it into beautiful words for all to enjoy. Of course everything comes from him, even our skills and time, so we should give Him thanks for everything.


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