Winter Wind

the season of winter

has nearly gone

but the winter wind

carries on with song

frozen chills

accompany the breeze

winter wind

whistling through the trees

“Winter Goodbyes” Copyright
©Jane H. Johann, 2014
Banff region, Alberta, Canada

scarves pulled tight

around the face

coaxing the sun

to take its place





the Mountains of Banff

Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta, Canada

towering high granite

breath-taking banquet

windswept tree lines

sheer rock sublime

cool mountain streams

never-ending dreams

unique facets at every angle

invitation more than cordial

how small and insignificant we are

you stand tall as our guiding star

you weathered many a storm

each crack and crevice gave you form

here and there lightning seared a new path

majestically you withstood the wrath

kiss the sky with your beauty

we feel your strength quite acutely




you are a living breeze


Sasketchewan River Valley Photo Credit:  Jane H. Johann August 2013

Sasketchewan River Valley
Photo Credit:
Jane H. Johann
August 20


the river of life

carried you to me

loneliness swept away

with a living breeze


lightness and quiet

are your ways

design and beauty

weaved in your stay


tiptoeing through mud

it never stays on your feet

the Earth is your cushion

never feeling defeat


eons of sapphire blue

found in your eyes

your smile so warm

a compassionate guide


A Valiant Womyn

 Dedicated to all those who are homeless

…who have no voice to speak for them

…who have no one to comfort them

…who have no one to hold them

…who have no one to let them know they are human beings

…who have no one


“But if you know him only as the shadow, the tale is dimly lit”  —  Saepuddin

Source: Bing Free Photos

Source: Bing Free Photos

she is sitting there by the curb

shopping cart nearby

filled with all that remains

of her  yesteryear’s joy


many life’s moments have passed

once she was a mother of four

holding the children close

all their giggles she did adore


then life came along

and one by one all her joys were gone

one died at such a young age

two became wrapped in their careers’ dawn


the fourth was lost; she knew not where

her husband long disappeared

she had worked more than her share

still…neighbors persistently sneered


many offered their advice along the way

the church goers, the social workers held out a crutch

admonishments and simple solutions

doing their weekly tithes and such


what happens when moment after moment

disillusionment sets in, no smile to return your grin

no one to respond to your hello

even crazy people like to be invited in


moments passed, moments done, day in, day out,

left alone, wrapped in her tears

till all at once they were no more

sensibility left, as did all her fears


she walks in the sunshine

having forgotten the rules

breathed in the air

nature dressed in her jewels






you are resting

you are resting

far away in the hospital bed

i am waiting for you…

here in my heart, not my head

i look at the genius

portrayed in your art

i imagine the thought

that gave you the start

i wonder in amazement

at the skill of your hand

so deftly touching

the paper as the pencil ran

the body in motion

gives pause to contemplate

the colors of birch

challenge the slate

reminders of you

are all around

reminders of you

your love knows no bounds

i know you are sleeping

you keep the dreams for the day

I know you are resting

healing is on the way

I can only whisper

and offer my prayer

I can only let you know

that I sincerely care

I sit here in silence

praying for your best

I sit here and pray

that LOVE gives you some rest

what is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the needle that knows how to mend

Forgiveness is the needle that knows how to mend (Photo credit: symphony of love)

forgiveness is not easily defined

especially if you are the kind to draw a line

i forgive you…but only this far

i forgive you…but be careful not to push me ajar

i forgive you…but if you travel one step over

then my forgiveness is not verdant clover

it will not bounce up in the Spring

and I do not care if i have given you a ring

forgiveness is not easily lived

i forgive you…but then must i give?

does it mean I am “for giving”?

does it mean I am for living?

it means forgiving seventy times seven

if you expect to get to heaven

it means you understand human nature

it means you see yourself in the other’s stature

but how do you forgive?

does it mean you let the hurt back into your life?

“for-giving” is “for loving”

now isn’t that something?


pulled to bleeding extremes

The feet of a tightrope walker.

The feet of a tightrope walker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pulled away from one’s dream

how close we travel to beyond

how horrible one’s life is pawned


tightrope walking on the sill

there is no magical, happy pill

held ransom by love so misunderstood

shaped and tangled driftwood


when will it end, who will bend

how many awful moments will you  spend

wandering lost, no release

when will the fighting ever cease


the remedy is not simple

ripple effects leave a horrid dimple

what you say or what you don’t

consequences say I won’t


on the outside viewing in

you say stand tall, stick out your chin

you are not the one who will receive the blows

you have not wandered where the shadow shows


the fear is deep, the joy replete

there is no hope, only defeat

do what I say or you are on your own

so this is the  path that I must own


walking the rope so tight

desperately seeking the light

hit this way and that

having the inner chatSunset 1984

your are lost among the waves

undulating reasons do evade

lost and never found

doubt increases and does abound

stretching yourself as far as you can go

suddenly you snap back and are brought low

balance is needed you do concede

so return again to that inner seed

seek the peace and calm within

go to LOVE and let it win

Do Birds Sleep Earlier in the Wintertime?

Fresh snow on a thin twig

Fresh snow on a thin twig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Falling gentle snow! So cold!

Cloaking the trees and branches

With pearl elegance!

a Black-capped Chickadee in Michigan in late D...

Little Chickadee

Gathering its feathers tight

Eating seeds! Delight!

English: Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atric...

Harsh winds blowing strong

To the cedar trees she flies

Nestled the night long


Chickadee (Photo credit: Zuhallem)



More Information on the Chickadees of Canada: