Orphan Adults

Photo Credit
©Jane H. Johann


eyeglasses perched on the forehead

reaching to the cupboard above

as the mind tumbles back to yesterday…

over the grass-covered hillsides

running carefree with friends

giggling and laughing

until the bell rings to line up

the good Sister leads us in prayer

                           then invited, we take our seats

as we sit in desk rows straight

drinking in the words of wisdom

dutifully reciting the spelling words of the week

the numbers adding and subtracting

our moments in time

eyeing the recess bell

hurrying through our brown bag lunch

of peanut butter honey sandwiches

rushing down the staircase to the open air

playing Red Rover Red Rover

let our friends come over

until the learning signal sounds once more

as we crowd into the four-room schoolhouse

none the worst for it as we file in

when Nancy lets out a shriek

for the dead mouse someone left on her chair

geography lessons take us to worlds beyond

then the three o’clock chime

finally delivers us a bit more

we leave more quickly than we rushed in…

Once again we face open time

Our families have left us far behind

Once again we sit and watch the digits disappear

Moments drag on…hitting us hard

Once again we must pick ourselves up

Fighting for life…

For the purpose that once was so clear

Penning our words, frightful to read

Breathe…just breathe….










7 thoughts on “Orphan Adults

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Oh this is breathtaking. Love to you.


  2. ritatoutantgmailcom says:

    Best wishes at the start of the new year. (see attachment) Rita Toutant

    On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 12:06 AM Footprints of Thoughts wrote:

    Hi Sister Rita!
    Nice to hear from YOU! Happy New Year to you also! Wishing you health and happiness! I know you are working for justice for the people and I share your hopes and desires! Best to you!


  3. Jean Rose says:

    Very nice Jane, living in Fl now, with my partner,Robin. Going on 2 yrs now. Drop me a line when u can. Ho po e uh oh are do i.m ng well and happy.    Love, Jeannie 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  4. Marlynne J Hodges says:

    This is beautiful, evoking tremulous memories of bygone days.
    We’ve only met once at church in tosa and I’ve followed your musings periodically.
    My blog has been up and down just as periodically. Hopefully it will begin again. Happy New Year.

    MJ’s passionate poetry.


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