Shekhar De’s Art School for the Village Children in India

Shekhar De has returned to his village to begin an art school for the children. He is selling his own art work to build the school and to provide art materials for the students. In this time of world suffering, here is a man, giving of himself, with HOPE and VISION for the future of those often forgotten or ignored. Here is YOUR chance to do something positive and forget about our own sorrows! If you can, buy a painting of Shekhar De’s to help his art school! Even if you want to donate $5 towards his school, it will make a world of difference to these children. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

UPDATE: August 4,2021.

The struggles are many for this open-air Village school since the arrival of Covid. Anything you can do to support this little world of art that brings hope and joy to these village children would be appreciated by Shekhar De and his students.

Shekhar De speaking with his art students about the colors of the world
A young boy intense about his drawing!
Shekhar De with his art students.
Young girls discussing their art

You can view Shekhar De’ art on his WordPress site:

If you want to buy his paintings you can message him on Facebook or here on WordPress. His address in India is:

If you decide to buy one of his masterpieces you can send your money to his PayPal account: PayPal: Pay Shekhar De using

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