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I did read that I might be labeled an “Outside Artist.”  I love oil painting because I find the paint moves with my emotions. I feel totally immersed in the freedom of the color when I paint and I am oblivious to everything else around me. It frees me. Hope you enjoy some of them! Thank you for your visit!

Scroll down for the latest painting… my most recent painting is the first seen.

Thank YOU so much for your visit! and your comments!



“Sunset Red” Painting, January 27, 2018 Copyright
©Jane H. Johann




Mt. Kulshan (aka Mt. Baker, Washington) COPYRIGHT January, 2016

“Serenity” Oil Painting by Jane H Johann COPYRIGHT Feb. 2015


“Three Sisters”
Oil Painting by Jane H. Johann; c.August, 2014. near Canmore, Alberta, CANADA





Doctored painting with my cell camera Doctored painting with my cell camera



Beginning of the Beginning of the “Three Sisters” oil painting; August, 2014





“Aura of Love”
Oil Painting
c.October, 2013. Jane H. Johann



“Mountain River”
c. Jane H. Johann, October, 2013


C. October, 2013 Jane H. Johann


Impressionistic Painting of Mountains in Banff, Alberta, Canada c.Jane H. Johann, June, 2014 Impressionistic Painting of Mountains in Banff, Alberta, Canada
c.Jane H. Johann, June, 2014


“Courage and Tranquility” Jasper Mountain Range, Alberta, Canada
c.Jane H. Johann, June, 2014


'Three Sisters ‘Three Sisters” impressionistic oil painting C.Jane H. Johann, July, 2914



“Aura of Lake Michigan”
July, 2013
c. Jane H. Johann


ing Birch Whispering Birch” C. 2013 Jane H. Johann
“Seascape & Lighthouse”; c. J2013. Jane H. Johann



“The Woods”
c.1993 Jane H. Johann
“My Jesus”
c.March, 1979
Jane H. Johann


53 thoughts on “My Paintings

  1. Mich Smith says:

    Lot of feeling in your painting!!

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  2. Your paints are excellent. Like the previous commenter mentions, your are alive. I can walk into any one of these because they draw me in.

    BTW, thanks so much for reading my China posts. I’m so pleased you enjoyed them. Now we can get to know one another. Yes? 😮

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  3. writersideup says:

    Johann, these paintings are beautiful! Your composition and use of color in your landscapes is just gorgeous! Looks like you use a knife for the most part. Love them 🙂

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  4. writersideup says:

    Also, suggestion: Move your “Pages” widget to the top of your sidebar. I couldn’t find them since they’re not at the top!

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  5. writersideup says:

    A palette knife 🙂 I used it for one painting I did in high school. Still have it, actually!

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  6. Love your AURA paintings, Jane.. and the palette knife of Banff is beautiful. your work has a wonderful feel…. Hard to believe you’ve had no formal training… Maybe they would give you wings to fly even higher!

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    • I gave my Canadian aura painting to my friend at Spring Lake, Alberta. I knew she would appreciate it. The second one I painted over! I did not have the confidence in it! Afterwards, I was sorry I had. As a young child, I lived in a two street town, surrounded by farmsteads. My dad had a plumbing & heating business. There were eleven of us in the family and I was surrounded with the idea of hard work when I was young. I studied diligently, was the 8th born, and the first go to go college. We didn’t have paper to “waste”–scribble on or draw on–(I make sure my grandchildren are provided with many pieces to experiment with!) —both at home and at school, each piece mattered. I suppose it was because my parents grew up with so little. In high school, I was placed on the college track, and there was no slot for art. Then when I passed the entrance test, I thought I had to be practical—again, no room for art. I always wanted to draw and paint–somewhere I received the inner message that IF I did, I would be ostracized even more…so I didn’t. I am 64– a bit long in the tooth to return to school. I try to give my grandchildren every opportunity to draw and paint when they visit with me. I am going to add their artwork to my blog. I think they are on their way! I have one framed art piece that they drew together when they were ONE and THREE years of age! Imagine! I decorate my walls with their work! Your comments, Wendie, touch me deeply…having seen your artwork on your blog…I know you understand.

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      • Our artistic journeys are similar. I too grew up in a very small town and was not encouraged to paint or draw (academics were emphasized) so I didn’t take any formal art training until my 30s and that was only 2 courses. I dabbled for a couple of years but then did nothing for almost 30 years. Now, 63, I’ve been painting for only 3 years; I’ve taken a few courses and trained under a local artist.. It is NEVER too late to learn…NEVER!!! You don’t need to go back to school full time..find someone whose work you admire and see if they teach…or just take other formal classes that appeal. You’ll be surprised how this experience can broaden your interest in painting and inspire you. Plus working with other artists can also be encouraging, supportive and inspiring…
        It’s great to hear you are encouraging your grand-children too!!!

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      • ok— I will make the effort to find a class! Thank you for the encouragement! YOU are a fantastic artist! I love your work. I am amazed how similar our stories! 🙂 That fact encourages me! Thank you so much for inspiring me to move forward!

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  7. Are you kidding?? This is great stuff! It takes both a good eye (your photographic chops probably assist here greatly) and fantastic instincts to do something like this without training. I’m so impressed! I think I need to take a page from your book and revisit painting now; it’s been a verrry long time since the last foray, and it never was my comfort zone. Thanks for the beautiful images and the inspiration!

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  8. ok— I will make the effort to find a class! Thank you for the encouragement! YOU are a fantastic artist! I love your work. I am amazed how similar our stories! 🙂 That fact encourages me! Thank you so much for inspiring me to move forward!


  9. reocochran says:

    I am attracted to your aura of love and your lighthouses. Lovely pieces of art and you can definitely tell you enjoy the expression and freedom in your strokes shown.

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  10. inesephoto says:

    Painted with your soul and love. Thank you for sharing your amazing art.

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  11. Mary says:

    Awesome Johannis – truly enjoyed seeing your bold work.

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  12. thank you, Mary! I appreciate your comments, especially after visiting your impressive work and style! I hope you have managed to track down those who violated your copyright! Blessings to you!


  13. Mari Gabrielson says:

    Dear Heart – truly you do paint with the love in your heart, pouring out in various color combinations. Strong emotion is evident in your work. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing work with me.

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  14. irinadim says:

    Love your paintings, Jane. You’ve captured the beauty of the Canadian mountains in different colours as well as the beauty of the blue sea. And your Jesus speaks of peace and love. It’s a joy to contemplate them. Cheers 🙂 Irina

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  15. Britt
    Submitted on 2015/09/14 at 10:37 AM
    Wow beautiful paintings!!! I paint also 🙂 I sell my paintings on a site called Etsy.

    Link above you can see my paintings if you want:)
    Maybe you should sell on Etsy?
    Anyways wrote a new post today and hope it encourages you<3

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  16. Seriously love them all. Amazing texture. Hope you’re selling these.

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    • Thank YOU so very much! No, I have not sold any…no buyers in Wisconsin! LOL I live in a very conservative state—and I ask myself WHY! LOL I showed them to one of my neighbors, hesitantly, and she asked, “Are you sure the water should be that color? I wouldn’t hang those in my house!” It did wither my spirit a bit…but I know not everyone likes every style. Art is so very personal, isn’t it? I do appreciate your stopping by and thank you so much for your very encouraging comment!

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      • Oh my…I guess Wisconsin doesn’t hold a lot of (creative/abstract) art classes…(or ones for creative writing??!!!!) LOL. Good thing you blog!

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      • Well…there are artistic people here…just not where I live. I am working my way out of there! Taking some time…LOL I live in the countryside–deposited here through marriage and three daughters. Now they have flown the nest…and blogging has saved my sanity! Though lately a few needs of family have taken me away from writing. Madison has many creative people and Door County (near Green Bay). Location, location, location…LOL. I heard that somewhere over the years! WHY do I think you are from the Northwest? Anyway, I love to do oil painting because of the richness of the color. I prefer to paint alone…in solitude…then I can be me. I did boldly enter an art contest in late May, I believe that was when. There was ONE judge…and he was all about FRAMING! LOL…my best piece had a frame that I bought for $3…it did NOT impress him! LOL At the end of the entire lecture of his talk, he progressed through each piece and then came to mine and said, “This would have won first place but the frame is awful! etc.” Well—for him, framing was very important. He was a graphic designer, if I remember correctly. In any case, ONWARD and FORWARD! I seem to recall you from early on when I first came to WordPress four years ago. Your blog’s name, “aholistic journey” stuck with me…When I began this blog, I did it out of desperation to save my sanity. I was not very creative with the title and now I am afraid to change it, out of fear that I will lose my followers. Do you think it is possible to change it and still survive??? Hope to hear from you again…my personal email is

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      • As I mention in my About, am a Southern CA transplant from the east coast. =) And my blog is 2.5 yrs old. I am also the last person to be asking anything technical. I still go running to my tech guy, the good friend who introduced me to WP and taught me how to pilot this thing, when I come across a glitch. I would say if you really, really don’t like your blog name go for it before your blog grows any more – but you’d really be taking a gamble listening to Yours Truly. I’d suggest that you explain the change to your readers. But I’d also get a second opinion before pulling the plug on your current name – and listen to any dissenters.


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      • Well…still undecided…about changing my blog’s name. Thank you for your very thoughtful response! Given my present state of mind, I guess I will stick with it for a bit…who knows? I could change my mind in the next minute! LOL I am in the middle of a huge project that I put off for ten years—I was too busy in life, working full time as a teacher, children, caring for my Mom…no time to fix my kitchen cupboards! I had the materials in the basement. Now I am working on them…what chaos! Because, of course, I had to EMPTY the cupboards to fix them. I want to run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are doing well, Diana!


      • LOL Let me know when you’ve conquered those cupboards. I’ll celebrate with u. =)

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      • lol…I am removing the OLD contact paper someone placed on the shelves prior to me living here…what an arduous task! I haven’t even begun measuring for the brackets yet! And EVERYTHING is out of the cupboards! Oh my–what did I begin! Yes, I will let you know! I do love your penname!

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      • I was never crazy about my username – I had to come up with one on the fly when my friend was here helping me set up my account. Eh. Holistic Wayfarer has stuck and become my alter ego. =)

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      • I think your Username is great!


      • Ha ha. Thanks. =) All the best on your blog. I’ll be watching. =)

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      • I think my creativity has gone to the wayside…I need more HOPE in my life and in the world. All this terror has gotten to me Diana.


      • Understandable. But it’s one thing to be sobered, another to be flattened. We need beauty and the vibrancy of creativity all the more.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, that is WHY I came here to go on my READER and be inspired…it helps me whenever I feel dismayed. And I am avoiding the cupboards! LOL
        I lack companionship out in this wilderness…only Tea Partiers and cornfields…How did this happen??!!!


      • Er…the cupboards as they are at the moment might bring dismay. LOL.

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      • You inspired me to post, Diana! I decided I should NOT be “flattened.” Thank you!


  17. laura lecce says:

    Hi Jane,
    I think your paintings are very beautiful. I especial like “Courage and Tranquility.” The colors work so well together. Stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. The canvas ‘Mountain River’ is like a beautiful poetry,.

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