Kurdish Mobilization for the Murdered Girl

Our violence against each other is destroying humankind. Women deserve equal respect and honor as human beings who give birth to all life.

Sweden and the Middle East Views



A few days ago the horrifying news about a young girl who was the victim of a honourkilling in Dohuk in Northern Kurdistan spread over the world. Dunya, a 15-year-old girl who was in an arranged marriage with a 45-year-old man, according to kurdishrights.org his name was Sleman Ziad Younis, had been killed by him and the photos of her mutilated body filled the internet.

These news are unfortunately not rare in Kurdistan. Violence against women is a wide spread phenomenon – I dare saying this as I have worked with women’s rights issues in the region – and many of these crimes are swept under the rug and forgotten. Only in 2011 domestic violence became illegal in Kurdistan and even though this legal change marked a great step forward, the process of actually implementing the law and change attitudes is very long, as always when a society is in a process…

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You are a Crystal Being…for Stephanie



You are a crystal being

held tenderly by a loving God

Out of Love you were fashioned

Out of Love you grew

Out of Love you are

In your darkest moments

Sit quietly and return to your Center

and bask in the LOVE of God

All that surrounds us

is illusion

We exist only in LOVE

It is in LOVE that we find ourselves

In the depth of the notes

Your music rings out the true you

crystalline quarter notes

staccato plays…carrying you home

to the restful Love…

You are a Crystal Being

Held tenderly by a Loving God


Wind Talk

Banff region of Alberta, Canada

Banff region of Alberta, Canada

the fragility of who we are

hangs in the shadows of our feelings

as life urges us to hang on…

walking among the trees

the wind whistles serenity

and somewhere hope is in the mist–

the climb is steep…

all around are beings

who shout us down

even saying, “you don’t belong”

telling us to eliminate ourselves

telling us we are horrible and worse…

that we are nothing…

that we meant nothing…

that we are inferior to who they are…

that we don’t quite measure up…to their idea of perfection…

that we are not worthy of love…

that we are not worthy of life–

pain is intense as we chew the words flung at us–

then we need to go deep into the stillness inside

and listen to the LOVE from where we came

and be at home  in that peace…

be still in the heart of GOD…

be still and know it is there that we are…

be still and know we are at home with GOD…

and listen…

to the Wind Talk