You are a Crystal Being…for Stephanie



You are a crystal being

held tenderly by a loving God

Out of Love you were fashioned

Out of Love you grew

Out of Love you are

In your darkest moments

Sit quietly and return to your Center

and bask in the LOVE of God

All that surrounds us

is illusion

We exist only in LOVE

It is in LOVE that we find ourselves

In the depth of the notes

Your music rings out the true you

crystalline quarter notes

staccato plays…carrying you home

to the restful Love…

You are a Crystal Being

Held tenderly by a Loving God


4 thoughts on “You are a Crystal Being…for Stephanie

  1. dokinhs says:

    wow u r great!!!!


  2. Thank you for your visit to my poetry, Diane! Soon you will be at Ocean City—glad for you and happily recall the time my daughters and myself spent with you there! Great time! We laughed so much!


  3. Jane, this is lovely!


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