Kurdish Mobilization for the Murdered Girl

Our violence against each other is destroying humankind. Women deserve equal respect and honor as human beings who give birth to all life.

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A few days ago the horrifying news about a young girl who was the victim of a honourkilling in Dohuk in Northern Kurdistan spread over the world. Dunya, a 15-year-old girl who was in an arranged marriage with a 45-year-old man, according to kurdishrights.org his name was Sleman Ziad Younis, had been killed by him and the photos of her mutilated body filled the internet.

These news are unfortunately not rare in Kurdistan. Violence against women is a wide spread phenomenon – I dare saying this as I have worked with women’s rights issues in the region – and many of these crimes are swept under the rug and forgotten. Only in 2011 domestic violence became illegal in Kurdistan and even though this legal change marked a great step forward, the process of actually implementing the law and change attitudes is very long, as always when a society is in a process…

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4 thoughts on “Kurdish Mobilization for the Murdered Girl

  1. Very heinous crime – always condemnable with one voice
    with regards


  2. johncoyote says:

    I went to Africa and Central/South America. It is a different world. This story is common in many places. Some places life had little value. Which is very sad. Thank you for sharing the story.


    • Good morning, John Coyote. Yes, it does appear at times like that on the surface, “life had little value.” I taught in Kiriko, Kenya, for over two years when I was in my late twenties. But I think deep inside each human being is the desire to be loved and to love…to belong…to become…to grow. I did see when living there that family was of great importance and being present to each other was paramount. I did not begin a teaching day saying, “Today’s lesson is…”….I began with, “Good morning! How is your family? etc” Do we care any more deeply about life than those people? Perhaps there is a certain amount of fatalism (how will they ever lift themselves out of the poverty they live in?), since so much of what the West has brought to those countries—the countries from which humankind evolved—has stripped them of their dignity and robbed them of their land…we have put weapons into their hands…I am thinking primarily of Africa. I have not been to South America. We have put money and greed as our gods and taught that well. It is so complex. I do not know the answer…I struggle so much within myself to find peace and be a good person. Thank you, John Coyote, for your visits!


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