the silence of the bench

 "Lonely Bench" Image ID: 913573

“Lonely Bench”
Image ID: 913573

once upon a time…

I had two special visitors

I was the listener

relishing hidden conversations

sharing the hearts of two

woven as a single rhyme

free of all accusations

once upon a time…

the moon lit their night

silhouetted by the stars

love accompanied their dreams

whispers of hope

followed their every sentence

drifting down the streams


once upon a time…

hearts broke in two

I, the burden carrying witness

to it all

the love said adieu

cloaked now with fallen leaves

 a permanent black shawl 


To My Readers…Just my imagination, I am fine…since I know I usually write from my direct experience, I didn’t want anyone to worry unnecessarily.

Apology to Mother Earth

Cree Sunset

Cree Sunset (Photo credit: John Spooner)

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”

~Cree Indian Proverb

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as I hear the drills of fracking destroying your gift of water deep within

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as the coal puts forth more pollutants in the air so thin

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as we destroy the soil with our cancer-ridden compost

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as the grain you have given to us is tampered with and Monsanto is our guidepost

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as we litter our beaches with our castoffs

I weep with you, Mother Earth, that we seem to enjoy pollution as our handoff

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as our oceans are littered with garbage and filth, oil spills and toxins

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as we do not take seriously our actions

Mähsette Kuiuab Chief of the Cree indians

Mähsette Kuiuab Chief of the Cree indians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I weep with you, Mother Earth as the coral disappears beneath the sea

I weep with you, Mother Earth, and hope we soon come to see your frantic plea

Linda Steward…a kind soul…an angel


sunset (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

My cell phone rang and it did not portend

As I hit the click to hear the voice on the other end

Speaking of trivial details of everyday life

And then…in the middle of it all…came the strife.

“Yeah, also Linda died today and I didn’t think she would have long…

She was here only two days and now she is gone.

And the other  woman…” as I did pale

On and on the words did trail…

For I was stuck on the name, “Linda,” for unknown to the other voice,

Linda has become my confidant of choice.

She had been my telephone  friend for the last year,

The one I could call, no matter the time, to give me cheer.

Resurrected friend from childhood she was, a wonderful friend of all the ladies,

Despite her battle with lupus, diabetes, arthritis and host of all maladies,

An arched back and who walked with two canes,

She found it within herself to come to the Mass for Jimmy, despite her pain.

She came out of respect and sympathy for her friend, Barbara, Jimmy’s Mom and my sister,

Who was lying in the hospital bed dying in an ironic, respiratory twister.

As though her heartfelt presence was not enough of genuine care

She had prepared several dishes of food for the affair

Linda, who punctuated my late empty nights with words of encouragement,

Helping me to laugh amid my tears, ridding me of despairing fragments.

Linda, who had regressed from canes to a wheelchair and had suffered an accident in her home.

Within two weeks of the accident, her frail body gave way, she was only on loan.

She died…but now before she gave her all…

Life, hope, laughter was her call.

And now her beautiful, kind spirit is gone from this world

Beckoning us forward to kind deeds to unfurl.