Apology to Mother Earth

Cree Sunset

Cree Sunset (Photo credit: John Spooner)

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”

~Cree Indian Proverb

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as I hear the drills of fracking destroying your gift of water deep within

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as the coal puts forth more pollutants in the air so thin

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as we destroy the soil with our cancer-ridden compost

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as the grain you have given to us is tampered with and Monsanto is our guidepost

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as we litter our beaches with our castoffs

I weep with you, Mother Earth, that we seem to enjoy pollution as our handoff

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as our oceans are littered with garbage and filth, oil spills and toxins

I weep with you, Mother Earth, as we do not take seriously our actions

Mähsette Kuiuab Chief of the Cree indians

Mähsette Kuiuab Chief of the Cree indians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I weep with you, Mother Earth as the coral disappears beneath the sea

I weep with you, Mother Earth, and hope we soon come to see your frantic plea

40 thoughts on “Apology to Mother Earth

  1. Mary Jane Farrell says:

    Very well said and I too weep that the majority dismiss all of this change as the necessities of modern life. So, so, SAD….


    • We can only hope that those with power and wealth wake up and make the difference we need…and those of us who have a voice, even if we do not have money, use what resources we have to speak up for what is needed…


  2. Reblogged this on Jem Farmer and commented:
    Thought-provoking words


  3. Jerry says:

    I knew that had to be written by a native american. The only people that was ever fit to have america. The white man knows nothing but destruction. White man destroyed the land and a highly spiritual people and the white man will pay through self destruction.


    • Yes, Jerry, it is awful what some White Males have done to our Native American people. The destruction continues with giving them the poorest land in the country to live on and interfering with their lives. Unfortunately, it seems it is again the White Male who is destroying the lives of ordinary American citizens. The savagery never seems to stop. I try not to use the word ALL–because there are gentlemen, like yourself, who are aware of what has happened and continues to occur. There are “white people” who do care about the Native American people and about Mother Earth. However, it seems we are the ones without the money. I know I am only one voice, but I have decided to join the other voices of writers–and continue to put these thoughts out there. Maybe one person will read something I write, and change their outlook and use their power and ability to make the change. I do not know–what else I can do? I sign every petition that comes my way to help those less fortunate. I sign every petition urging the rights of all people to be honored. I am not wealthy–my WordPress and internet are the only luxuries I have–and even with these, I am more fortunate that others. I have never had cable T.V. and I do not want it. I live very simply and try to keep the Earth green. I am only one person. But if enough of us “one person” try to live compassion, understanding and helpfulness, maybe we can change what is occurring. Wouldn’t it be great if that saying were posted on the billboards across our country?


      • Jerry says:

        As I have seen it Johann, the white power knows nothing but to seek and conquer, to own all for himself. Then if it is not understood, then by all means destroy it. The spiritual, indigenous peoples of this earth (the meak) are the ones that will inherit it again. I reblogged your post but had to retract it because I’m expecting Skeeter Hagler to review my blog. He has 40 years of photography experience as well as a Pulitzer Prize winner (the link is below) in photography. Not not ashamed for him to see my feelings, however, for this I don’t want politics to over shadow the review. I can’t help others until I can help myself. 😉 http://www.skeeterhagler.net/pulitzer.html


      • Understood…no problem…we have all been there or are going there one time or another. Good luck to you, Jerry!


      • Jerry says:

        Thank you Johann, I did, however, make a separate page for it. I have it posted now but not posted in with the photos. It now has a dedicated page. http://kyeos.wordpress.com/cree-indian-proverb/


  4. Propel Steps says:

    Reblogged this on Propel Steps.


  5. Ms. Vee says:

    This is a wonderful piece! When I went camping a few years ago, we hung the Cree Indian Proverb on our post…Thank you for visiting, and liking Sleepy Thoughts.


  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I loathe that power and wealth is most often so soulless.

    Lovely words, well written and due.


    • I try to live simple…and it is not easy in this materialistic world. One thing requires another thing…and soon I am caught in the web! But…I do what I can…share what I have…it is an unequal world. I live in a little ranch house that I would gladly share…but I live too far from the city and no one wants to drive this far. I am trying to sell it so that I can live closer to people…but it seems I am still waiting for the person who would like it. I guess we each should do as much as we are able and then a bit more. Not easy. Some people get annoyed with me for writing about Mother Earth. Some people get annoyed with me when I confront them with recycling. But then I think, if I did not ask the question to spare their feelings, am I condoning their living in the darkness? SO, they get annoyed! LOL I probably would not be conscious of Mother Earth if someone had not disturbed my sensibilities along the way! Thank you for your visit, WordsFallFromMyEyes (btw–love your name!) and for sharing your thoughts!


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  9. powerfully said, Jane


  10. reocochran says:

    Jane, all of these “modern technology” elements do ruin, destroy and take away our vital Mother Earth, our land and trees are needed, along with our creatures. This was a beautiful, heart-felt and wishful “Plea.” I agree!


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