Cell Phone Jealousy

What is that addictive, alluring charm?

That keeps IT held in your hand, attached to your arm?

cell phone zombies

cell phone zombies (Photo credit: freebeets)

What is that spell IT has on you?

Preventing you to see that person in front so true?

Captivating nuance at its best

Leaving your humanity to rest

Be mindful of what you are losing when wanting both

You are making a choice and telling one you loath

Perhaps these words are strong

But your action seems so wrong

For here I am to celebrate you

And you give me merely a glance, so few


12 thoughts on “Cell Phone Jealousy

  1. !!!! Yes! I absolutely hate trying to carry on a conversation or enjoy a meal with someone who cannot put their phone down and pay flippin attention. Texting and/or checking their facebook or worse playing a game. What ? I’m sorry? Am I boring you?
    Sorry to rant…you touched a nerve. 🙂


    • I happily receive your rant, Melanie! SMILE I have become rather bold lately, and when someone is doing the cell phone thing, I address it straight off. My diplomacy needs attention but so does their manners. LOL btw…how did you get the emoticon on your response? I paid thee $18 for the domain, and I notice when I did not have it, I add less icons on the writing bar,,,I am hesitant to UPGRADE because there is NO one to speak to when there is a problem with WordPress! What do you think about upgrading? Is it worth it? Maybe if you are not counting expenses. I do NOT even know WHY I bothered with Copyscape! Technological woes! Thank YOU for your many visits! I appreciate your coming to read and commenting!


      • Emoticons:
        the smile i used is just a colon and closing parenthesis…
        you can find more here:

        I paid for the $99 a year upgrade to get the domain name and different functions. I did it mainly so i could tell people to come to wordifull.com instead of the whole http….wp..blah blah stuff.

        I just started my blog in May so honestly still learning myself. It was definitely more restrictive before I upgraded. I do know there is a WordPress help page… http://wordpress.org/support/

        Unfortunately I know nothing about Copyscape 😦

        And you are most welcome for the visits and comments. Thanks for doing the same!


  2. Shared this on Twitter.


    • Cool! Maybe we need to collaborate and write a book on manners that are important in today’s world?


      • Something to think about. Right now I’m trying to post at least once a day on my blog and also working on a book…so maybe not best timing for me to take on another book. Could be fun to collaborate on something though 🙂


      • It was just a whim…we can try it later in our writing lives! (smile) We can just continue to support each other with our visits for now, Melanie! Wonderful that you are working on your book! I need to continue on mine as well! Began two years ago…I need to stick with it! Blessings to you!


  3. lgyslaine says:

    Excellent 🙂


  4. Jane, your poem is so true. My adult children noted that a couple sitting at an outdoor cafe table near ours appeared to be having a romantic dinner – table laid out nicely, a bottle of wine. BUT they were both texting and not looking at one another. My daughters and sons-in-law laughed, suggesting that maybe the couple was texting each other so no one could hear what they had to say. (If not, how sad.)


    • Yes, it is horribly sad. I see it with many people — all “visiting” in the same room only the people they are speaking to are all on their phones! Noticed this at a family gathering a while back–six first cousins all sitting in a row on the couch and each one on a cell phone, not speaking to the other. This went on for more than an hour–and I could see they were not speaking to each other–I thought to myself, “You are missing so much of WHY we are here”…and, of course, I did say something…I can only keep quiet so long LOL…but was ignored.


  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Thank mercy my son knows how to ignore his phone. I mean, there ARE options – return call, speak later. When he’s driving, he ignores it, though I must admit I haven’t known what he’s like out with a girl. Will have to ask him – it’s important to BE WITH the one you’re with!


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