the quiet of a summer evening…

the minute frog lay asleep inside the petaled flower

as the lightning bug candled its way into the night

hints of starlight topped the tree tips

the moon laughed and bounced through the evening clouds

the cicada sang its August song…

©Jane H Johann; September 6, 2017 Palmyra, WI

the grass was swaying with the gentle breeze, drinking in the quiet

all of nature whispered love

—serene inside our hearts

4 thoughts on “the quiet of a summer evening…

  1. Beautiful as always. Are you published? If so, where can I find a copy?


    • Hi Mari,
      Thank you for your visit and kind words! No, I am not published. I haven’t the money to publish and I would not even know where to begin the process. I would like to publish the poems with my photographs, but that would probably cost a great deal. I did submit 3 poems last year to this anthology and the poems were accepted but the publisher did NOT include the photographs. That was disappointing. I just write on this blog—although, I have not done much writing this year….too many other logs in the fire! LOL

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