Dedicated to Nadia and Ayden,

my dear grandchildren who contributed to the poem

with rhyming lines and stocking feet! 


Green socks, red socks!

Everybody loves socks!


Perhaps the pink sock went out for the day

In any case, its partner is here to stay


Oh glorious purple, how beautiful your hue

But the other is lost, so what should I do?


The Green Bay Packer sock went out for a touchdown

While this one is left in the bleachers with a sad frown


Oh, you with the beautiful orange and green stripes

What an adornment you were, with the St. Patrick’s Day pipes!


Twenty odd colors of blue, who would suspect such a queue?

How I long for a simple, marching parade of two!


Did you ever think black had so many shades?

My shoes are protesting and formed a blockade!


Red, purple, green, yellow and blue

Too many socks, I do not know what to do!


Now there are five wiggling toes looking at me~

Where, oh where, can the other five be?


Their partners have left them stranded here alone

No forwarding address, no texting, no micro smart phone!

Nadia’s Poem to me this morning…

the stars and the moon

at the night



the birds and the sun

in the morning

"Looking East III" Photo Credit: c.Jane H. Johann, September 24, 2014. Artwork: God

“Looking East III”
Photo Credit: c.Jane H. Johann, September 24, 2014.
Artwork: God


and the dandelions in the fall




Composed by Nadia, 5 years young. She is home today with strep throat and an ear infection but is beginning to feel better! 🙂  She asked for some paper and a pencil and then she said she wrote this poem for me! She used pictures to write the poem and then interpreted the intended meanings– the last picture is her “Writer’s Notepad!”

chocolate morning delight


there was my grandson

standing by the cupboard

innocent witness to the chocolate mix coated countertop

with the milk gallon serendipitously teetering on its edge

and then the boy spoke,

“Nanny, Everybody knows you drink chocolate milk with a spoon!

It is the ONLY way it tastes any good…”

And with concentrated effort he continued to slurp the chocolate milk into his mouth!



…and, here I am…

IMAG3639 the cool wind is blowing the young birch tree’s leaves

flowers are preparing to leave their seed for next year’s blossoms

birds are flocking, singing incessantly as they are planning their journey south


and, here am I…





life is in transition all around me


and I am




grandchildren are growing…words blossoming forth

trying to figure out who is the tallest and how much they have grown since yesterday

loving their Mom, beautiful in being themselves

and, here am I




in gratitude


Ayden's Finished Painting that he entitled, "The Red Bow<" July, 2014

Ayden’s Finished Painting that he entitled, “The Red Bow<“
July, 2014

Nadia's Finished Painting that she named: "The Colorful Rainbow." July, 2014

Nadia’s Finished Painting that she named: “The Colorful Rainbow.” July, 2014

Two Stickers


the last image I held of them

were their sad and sleepy eyes

away they sped in the car

while within, my heart did cry

within our children’s hearts

lies the deepest truth and honesty

they are still very intimate with the God- LOVE

that brought them into our absurdity

despite all of the chaos around them

they are able to keep their grins

they still love and let you know

despite your disturbing whims

for in my absence from the house

on top of the stack of papers blue

lied two little stickers from them

saying, I LOVE YOU!IMAG3625

GOD wakes up!

Yesterday morning as Ayden, now 7, and Nadia, 5 and one half (very important) and I were walking into Church, Ayden piped up, “I think God has services at 9:30 because He FINALLY wakes up! He has to sleep in because we make Him so tired during the week, with His listening to all of our problems!”


Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, July, 2014

Photo Credit: Jane H. Johann, July, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Nadia!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your eyes are brown

You never hardly ever wear a frown

You say, “Nanny, I’m almost as tall as you”

You whisper, “Nanny, I love you!”

You have a sweetness all your own

You have a way  of bringing me home

You are brilliant, you are brave

You have a sensitivity that will save

You worry your brother has the same as you

Even on your birthday, you share a gift or two

You encourage him with your words so true,

“Come on, Ayden,  you can do it  too!”

You are his advocate in your words so tall

Already the loving way is your call