…and, here I am…

IMAG3639 the cool wind is blowing the young birch tree’s leaves

flowers are preparing to leave their seed for next year’s blossoms

birds are flocking, singing incessantly as they are planning their journey south


and, here am I…





life is in transition all around me


and I am




grandchildren are growing…words blossoming forth

trying to figure out who is the tallest and how much they have grown since yesterday

loving their Mom, beautiful in being themselves

and, here am I




in gratitude


Ayden's Finished Painting that he entitled, "The Red Bow<" July, 2014

Ayden’s Finished Painting that he entitled, “The Red Bow<“
July, 2014

Nadia's Finished Painting that she named: "The Colorful Rainbow." July, 2014

Nadia’s Finished Painting that she named: “The Colorful Rainbow.” July, 2014

20 thoughts on “…and, here I am…

  1. writersideup says:

    Jane, I love stuff like this, and it looks like the grandkids have your touch for beautiful coloring! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I left them TOTALLY to their own choices and just allowed them to BE! and create! I am happy you enjoy this posting! Thank you for your presence and encouragement!


  3. Yoshiko says:

    Gratitude in life?



  4. Sigh. I seem to do a lot of sitting / watching / wondering. Must be catching. Your grandchildren make awesome art. ❤


    • Thank you…I will tell and show them your compliment! Smiling at your initial comment—yes–we are at that time in our lives—first part of my life I hustled to “become” something in response to “What are you going to be when you grow up?”,,,and NOW…I have returned to ‘being” and I am thinking I should have given more emphasis to that all the way through! I do not think I neglected it totally…however…(smile)


  5. jackiegmills says:

    How beautiful! Isn’t it amazing how our kids (and grandkids) learn from our example. Both my children are story writers and story tellers, just like their mum. 🙂


  6. Mich Smith says:

    She has great talent


  7. Mich Smith says:

    He does too!


  8. ecoarta says:

    It is wonderful about kids! Art / design makes them better, more creative, more intelligent.


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