Ode for Blossom the Possum

“Possum in the Window Well”
January 3, 2018
Palmyra, WI
Photo Credit©Jane H. Johann


Strolling through the winter snow

All of a sudden I fell below

Strange as the window well was to me

The bottom was lined with apples and sunflower seeds

The human tried to help me out

But I would not budge and would not shout

Instead I “played possum” you see

A great old trick between you and me!

For two nights I kept warm against the house

Snuggled and content, waiting for a mouse!

Finally, Dave Schmidt came to my rescue

But not to place me on the eating menu!

Instead, he lowered the net over my body

Such care and kindness he did embody!

Lifting me high over the well

Everything now has turned out swell!

Once again I ran freely over the snow

Happily running to and fro!


“Blossom the Possum” January 4,2018 Palmyra Countryside, Palmyra, Wisconsin Photo Credit©Jane H. Johann