Blessings to Everyone in 2021

It has been a difficult, tragic and sad year for everyone across our world. However, we must continue to HOPE… Hope for our children… Hope in each other. “Never give up!” — be strong … Mother Earth needs each of us! We each need each other!

Let us not lie down in defeat but rise up and join hands… yes, our health depends on one another…. and this beautiful gift of Creation needs each of us. Mother Earth cannot survive unless as individuals we make the commitment to do all we can to save her. No good deed is too small!

Encourage LOVE in one another and when you think you have given all you can, give more!

2 thoughts on “Blessings to Everyone in 2021

  1. “Bonne Annee” to you, dear Gyslaine! Life has taken many twists and turns since I first began to write on WordPress in 2011. Many good things and some very sad happenings…but we must continue to go forward and choose life…I have missed WordPress. I have granddaughter Elsa Rose sleeping on my lap as I write this….She is 8 months young and my 8th grandchild. Perhaps this year I will make more of an effort to write…I met so many wonderful people on this site—YOU I remember fondly! Your love poetry is so tender and beautiful…I have enjoyed your You-tube videos as well! I was happy to see your wishes and my heart hopes for good health and blessings for you, Gyslaine, in each day of 2021!

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