unravel me

Rayonnant north rose window of the Cathédrale ...

Rayonnant north rose window of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris עברית: חלון הרוזטה הדרומי של קתדרלת נוטרדאם דה פארי, בסגנון גותי קורן (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


snow covers the crevices
weeping into the imperfections of nature
healing the wounds of yesterday
reaching for promise
revitalizing the inner beauty
hoping for a new Spring


Sea Glass Thoughts

Lake Michigan 1

Lake Michigan 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

we walked along the shore

sifting our thoughts in and out of the waves

as the sand warmed our feet between our toes

with the cold water of Lake Michigan cleansing us of guilt

we walked along the shore

dismissing the cares that led us to the gloomy caves

forgetting the misunderstandings of our foes

allowing the mistakes of our lives to wilt

we walked along the shore

gingerly reaching for the green-blue sea glass shaves

hoping to carry a bit of the beach to the home coves

adding renewal courageously to our inner quilt








high up the mountain is waiting

high up the weathered mountain is waiting

as you step-climb in adulation, anticipating

many footsteps have walked its ground

higher and higher looking for oneself found

clear blue air crystallizing your thoughts

free from all that made you distraught

Showy wood asters populate your ridges

As my spirit and you create new bridges

Jasper nestled below on your Earth

You invite us along with courage and mirth

Aster alpinus

Aster alpinus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Artist

Artwork by unknown artist - St Margaret - WGA23519

Artwork by unknown artist – St Margaret – WGA23519 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Artist~

intricate mind weaving

gentle river strength

meandering through the patterns of life



branching out

noticing subtle distinctions

discovering nuances

delving into the solitude of mind

freshness buds forth

as imaginings take form

blessing us with