21 thoughts on “solitude

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Most lovely poetry!


  2. thank you for your visit and your kind words, Renard!


  3. Mich Smith says:

    So true!!


  4. love that phrase … “petal your words” — clever use of language!


  5. Manu Kurup says:

    Very positive for a morning reading. 🙂


  6. j.h. white says:

    Beautiful…the petals as thoughts. he loves me… he loves me not… he loves me


  7. QueridaJ says:

    What a nice coincidence…just got her book “Bel Canto” from the library, have you read it? Do you recommend it?


  8. clarabetty says:

    I’m back=sorry I have been neglecting my friends.I ‘s a job just doing everything to stay well and to catch up on everything, especially bills and paper work! Love your poem -especially the part about the “winter thoughts turning into spring rosebuds. Nice blend of realism with hope for the future.


    • dear Miss Betty, You have to take the time you need for yourself to heal…you have gone through so much with the passing of your husband and then your own health conditions! Never apologize~ if I didn’t live six states away, I would be there with an apple pie for you! Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments! Much appreciated! My phone is not working at present–so if you want to contact me it will have to be via email. Have a good weekend!


  9. clarabetty says:

    I also like the quote. That’s how I feel About writing.


  10. Oh the last three sentences! So beautiful!


  11. thank you…which name should I address you by? Ntaisi? My daughter is teaching in Togo, West Africa. I taught in Kenya many moons ago! There is another blogger that you might want to visit…she is from South Africa as well. I will find her site and forward it to you! Maybe you are neighbors???


  12. Yoshiko says:

    Really thanks, Jane, for this 🙂



  13. Thank you very much 🙂


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