Conversation about Oscar by Ayden and Nadia

Русский: Такса стандартная гладкошерстная

Русский: Такса стандартная гладкошерстная (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Oh, I really miss Oscar, ” teary eyed Ayden, now six years, sighed, “Why did he have to leave us?”

“Well, Ayden, he was for old people,” soothingly remarked Nadia, Ayden’s four year old sister.

“But I miss him so much!” cried Ayden.

“Maybe Aunt Kathy can take us to see him some day, Ayden, ” replied Nadia, “He lives with those old people by the lake, but  I think IF we  show him the photograph of you and him, Ayden,  he will remember you!”


3 thoughts on “Conversation about Oscar by Ayden and Nadia

  1. Yoshiko says:

    I understand. I miss my rabbits



  2. Nancy says:

    How sweet. Doggies do touch little ones hearts more than we know. Unconditional love of a child is totally awesome.


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