Happy 5th Birthday, Nadia!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your eyes are brown

You never hardly ever wear a frown

You say, “Nanny, I’m almost as tall as you”

You whisper, “Nanny, I love you!”

You have a sweetness all your own

You have a way  of bringing me home

You are brilliant, you are brave

You have a sensitivity that will save

You worry your brother has the same as you

Even on your birthday, you share a gift or two

You encourage him with your words so true,

“Come on, Ayden,  you can do it  too!”

You are his advocate in your words so tall

Already the loving way is your call

8 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday, Nadia!

  1. Judy Mayer says:

    Perfect description of Nadia


  2. bette910@aol.com says:

    Happy Birthday to Nadia!
    Wonderful thoughts for her to keep always


  3. Yoshiko says:

    Beautiful dedicated poem, Jane 🙂



  4. Bobbi says:

    Oh, my wonderful Nanny….and friend! You certainly do have that situation pegged! Those children have THE bestest granny in the whole world! (And I thought I was the best!!!!) Just kidding…..you, indeed, are the bestest. They love you…..and so do I. !!!!!! Hugs, Bobbi



  5. Happy Birthday, Nadia. I’m delighted that you and your Nanny share many loving, exciting and ordinary “small” moments.


  6. thank you, Judy! I will share what you have written with Nadia the next time she visits!


  7. Bleated birthday wishes to Nadia. That is a lovely poem you have there, Jane.


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