Nadia’s Poem to me this morning…

the stars and the moon

at the night



the birds and the sun

in the morning

"Looking East III" Photo Credit: c.Jane H. Johann, September 24, 2014. Artwork: God

“Looking East III”
Photo Credit: c.Jane H. Johann, September 24, 2014.
Artwork: God


and the dandelions in the fall




Composed by Nadia, 5 years young. She is home today with strep throat and an ear infection but is beginning to feel better! 🙂  She asked for some paper and a pencil and then she said she wrote this poem for me! She used pictures to write the poem and then interpreted the intended meanings– the last picture is her “Writer’s Notepad!”

“forgive me” moments

Jasper Rocky Mountains

“Light Breaking in Jasper” October, 2013 Oil Painting by Jane H. Johann

forgive me

forgive me for doubting you

forgive me for doubting your WORD

Your WORD is YOU

Your WORD is true

It is the essence of all that you are

“In the Beginning was the WORD

and the WORD was with GOD

and the WORD was GOD”

You were being the Love of God to me

You were the LIGHT BEING

and I extinguished it

and now I regret it…

it is hard to recognize the truth

when countless times

the shadows took over

forgive me

and love me…

once again

petaled drop love

Love Songs (Heart album)

Love Songs (Heart album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

love is so desired

love sets us on fire

we forget the when, the where, the why

our molecules will do anything to feel that lie

we are lost in the wonder of it all

we hear nothing but the love call

it carries us to the beyond

and when it is lost…we cannot respond

our song dies

only tears linger in our eyes

we reach for the stars

but our heart is left ajar

we flounder through the rain

left stunned and in pain

Why I Write

Signature of Kahlil Gibran

Signature of Kahlil Gibran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you.”

–from “The Forerunner” (1920)
   Kahlil Gibran

"Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you."</p><br /><br /><br />
<p><br /><br /><br /><br />
--from "The Forerunner" (1920)

Why do I write?
I write because I feel this need inside of myself to express who I am.
I do not know who will read me…or if anyone at all will read my words. I do not know if the words I write will have any effect on anyone or on the world.
I do know that when I write, I feel like I have a purpose. I feel like I am alive and it gives me courage to be myself. I feel less threatened by the world.
My passion for life seems to get in the way of being received.  I know I am an intense person. I can get very passionate about what I am saying or feeling.  Even if I say nothing, people who know me a bit, feel my passion through my being.  I feel that some people fear me because of it. This saddens me. I have no desire to hurt anyone. In fact, quite the opposite…I feel I want to protect others.  I find the only way I can do this successfully is through my words in the hope that some of what I write may help to give light to the world…to bring love into the world.  Some people are threatened by my words…they think I may be attacking them…maybe some days I am saying what I think needs to be said—but I try intensely to only say or write things that are the truth and need to be said to help them be more free…more open.  So perhaps it is good that I stick to writing, because then one can decide to read it or not.  I find even in my attempt to write, depending on the person and their mood and feelings, I may be bringing them pain.  The perceptions of the individual will color what they read.
My perceptions color what I write.
Today I wrote about my writing to a dear friend, whom I have never met in person.  I remarked: “No, the “ blog is a diversion so I stop thinking about love.  I thought I needed a second blog so that I did not write just about love.
This  very special Someone said to me today: “giggle over laugh out loud over smile…..Jane, you never write about anything else But Love…..giggle. “
I write to communicate and to feel less lonely in this world of seven billion people.
Perhaps one small phrase may encourage someone to give love to someone else.

each WOMAN, each young GIRL is a GIFT…treat yourself with respect and treat her with respect!

Girl at sunset

Girl at sunset (Photo credit: nxb)

The young girl and woman in our world needs to be elevated to personhood! How many thousands of light years have passed, and still women and girls are treated with disdain and lack of respect?  Women and young girls are looked upon as only sex objects or slaves in every country and society of this world. Too many women and young girls do not think they are worth something without a man beside them.

Women and girls everywhere must believe in their own innate goodness!  We are worthy because we are!  Each woman and girl is worthy because she was born!  Being born makes you worthy!

Our connection to ourselves and to each other is broken. We must revitalize that connection to each other. We must look at our very nature which is to give life…and I am not just speaking about procreation…I am talking about our nature to be life-givers…love-givers…nurturers! We have to give that love to ourselves. We need to respect our own needs and desires.  Naturally, we eat when we are hungry, we sleep when we are tired, but when we need love, do we tell ourselves: “I love you, Self!” ?

I read just the other day of a  15 year old girl who was gang-raped. The law enforcement did next to nothing to help her in her situation. The young boys who sexually abused her were not brought to task for their deed but instead, ridiculed the girl even more after the horrific event! The ability of the sexual abusers to disseminate the poor plight of this young girl through the social media that is available today , drove this girl to her death.  Ultimately, she committed suicide. Unfortunately, I believe this same horrible crime occurs everyday somewhere in this world.  The woman or girl is blamed for being female and the “boys were just being boys.”  Rape is murder — it is murder of the human spirit of the girl or woman!

I feel we are all at fault for not promoting the self-worth of the female person. Women everywhere need to help other women. Help each other and each day make it your priority to uplift one woman or one girl. Make one positive statement to that person — we need each other!

First, as a person, we need to know that we have worth. We are alive!  We have to first love ourselves…we are able to do this by recognizing that we are gift.  We need to be for ourselves what we think others can do for us.  BE the WORTH that you look for in others!

Raised in a Catholic home, and often told that God loved me, I was also constantly reminded that I should and ought to be selfless, and to love others and to help others.  Somehow, to help myself, did not occur to me.  Somehow, I received the message that if I did things for myself, then I was NOT being a good Christian.  I was being selfish and not thinking of what I could do to help someone else. Today, I still struggle with loving myself as I should. I still struggle with self-worth, and I have two college degrees, held teaching jobs for over 36 years, helped to raise my three daughters, and still struggle with self-esteem! The external things are there that would say I was relatively successful in life, but my interior compass, needs constant reassurance and strengthening. I have to take the time each day to meditate and go to that inner core and find my worth.  I have to do this for me! I take the time for me! Quiet and mediation because I am worth the time!

Women and girls need to believe they are worth being loved in truth!

Do not accept being hit or abused as a form of love.  That is not love.  Would you hit yourself? Would you scream and berate yourself? “NO! Of course not, you say to me.”  Well, then do NOT accept that behavior from your husband or boyfriend.  YOU have WORTH!

Seek out that partner who loves your gentle soul.  Seek out that partner who does not need to control you, your every move, your friendships…that person is NOT healthy and is a control freak and manipulative. True love is trusting and allows freedom to love many.  I am NOT negating committed relationships.  I just think that when one person tells another whom they can speak to –this erodes your own responsibility to care for yourself and make your own decisions.  When your boyfriend or husband tries to distance you from your family, it is a control issue.  It is not because he cares about you. That person wants you under his power. Once a boyfriend or husband breaks that boundary of hitting you, it will happen again, again, again, again and again…until your spirit is so broken…that you will either die or wither…and then…will you be fortunate to find that last glimmer of hope to lift yourself from the ashes? or ….?

Do NOT think you do not have worth, because you do not have a man on your arm. I know that there are good men and good teenage boys…however, IF you need someone else to complete you, then you have NOT done your homework for yourself. Then you do not love and respect yourself !   No one can complete you but you!

Believe in you!

You are WORTHY….you should not be hit or abused in any way!

We have to see that we have all that we need within…go to your core…and listen to your inner heart.  Darling, talk to yourself and tell you that you love you each morning when you awake!

Tell yourself, “Darling, you are on a fascinating journey and you are doing a great job each day!”

And when you find yourself in a situation that is not good, do as this saying suggests, author unknown, “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.”

Please remember, that the universe thought you were a good idea… and DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOU…ever!

Relationships are good and important in our lives, helping one another is good and important in our lives…but we have to first love ourselves, only then, can we truly love another.  As Goethe said, “Believe in yourself, and you will know how to live.”

As the saying goes, “Understand that you own nothing. Everything that surrounds you is temporary. Only the love in your heart will last forever.”  And, YOU are LOVE!

“I wish that I could show you that when  you are alone or in darkness, the astonishing LIGHT of your own being!”   Hafiz


home is where love is created

English: Edmonton, Canada. Same picture as Fil...

English: Edmonton, Canada. Same picture as File:Edm panorama2.jpg, adjusted just a little bit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

home is something never outdated

home is the finishing touch on the kitchen wall

home is where you scrub and give it your all

home is where you gather with your friends

home is where your evenings see no end

home is where life is about

home is where you safely display your doubts

home is where the kisses play

home is where you are not afraid

home is where you dance all night

home is writing in the moonlight

home is painting until your heart’s content

home is finding love’s intent

home is where the steps are heard

home is where you are always answered

home is you in the flesh

home is where you are refreshed

home is where you can freely roam

home is where you find your shalom

home is where you find your face

home is your sacred space



Outcast-simbolo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anawim, the poor,  to God  cry out…

Please,  please hear our shouts

“I’m on the bottom…nowhere to turn…

Help me to discern…with your love there is no earn

Keep the awareness of YOU …God of LIFE…within  us strong

Do not let me capitulate to the wrong

so alone I feel… the pain inside reels

But I know you see and feel my human deal

feelings crashing into the rocks of my mind

God, you know for YOU I pine…

The outcasts of the LORD…To whom do we go?

The outcasts of the LORD…from YOU all love flows…

YOU are there for us… the psalmsist writes

Thank YOU for sending the surviving kite!

* * * * * *

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Another one for valentines day 'True Love' On ...

Another one for valentines day ‘True Love’ On Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Finding the comfort zone

in the love-lit breeze

between you and me!

Establishing where you begin

and I stop…

Establishing where you stop

and I begin…

Messiah complex–

poor substitute for love…

Come to terms with yourself

in order to give fully to another

find yourself in a suspended state

weaving in and out of love

how much to give

when to hold back

the tenderness of the soul holds a secret entrance

delicate like the petals of a flower

opening to receive yet closely gently with the night breeze

love is a strong magnetic pull

where does lust end?


love begin?

how much of what I need do I camouflage and frame as  loving you?

how much is true love?

true love allows the other to be…

true love gives space to the becoming…

* * * * * *

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Tribe of Heaven

Tribe of Heaven
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a love

soft as the breeze

twirling the dandelion seeds into the air

Imagine a love

nestled in the tree’s

bark with twists and turns

Imagine a love

reaching out with its branches

holding you strongly

Imagine a love

Free flowing like the waves of the sea

Constant and forward

Imagine a love

As silent as a softly setting sun

Basking you with color

Imagine a love

akin to the bee and  flower

one giving to the other

Demise of Love


drop petal-like

in the Spring retreat

easy smiles

drift into waves

of nothingness

delightful blossoms

fragrant perfume

now nothing fills

the empty room

Empty Room - Re Vamp

Empty Room – Re Vamp
(Photo credit: oddsock)







* * * * * *

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