what is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the needle that knows how to mend

Forgiveness is the needle that knows how to mend (Photo credit: symphony of love)

forgiveness is not easily defined

especially if you are the kind to draw a line

i forgive you…but only this far

i forgive you…but be careful not to push me ajar

i forgive you…but if you travel one step over

then my forgiveness is not verdant clover

it will not bounce up in the Spring

and I do not care if i have given you a ring

forgiveness is not easily lived

i forgive you…but then must i give?

does it mean I am “for giving”?

does it mean I am for living?

it means forgiving seventy times seven

if you expect to get to heaven

it means you understand human nature

it means you see yourself in the other’s stature

but how do you forgive?

does it mean you let the hurt back into your life?

“for-giving” is “for loving”

now isn’t that something?



Outcast-simbolo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anawim, the poor,  to God  cry out…

Please,  please hear our shouts

“I’m on the bottom…nowhere to turn…

Help me to discern…with your love there is no earn

Keep the awareness of YOU …God of LIFE…within  us strong

Do not let me capitulate to the wrong

so alone I feel… the pain inside reels

But I know you see and feel my human deal

feelings crashing into the rocks of my mind

God, you know for YOU I pine…

The outcasts of the LORD…To whom do we go?

The outcasts of the LORD…from YOU all love flows…

YOU are there for us… the psalmsist writes

Thank YOU for sending the surviving kite!

* * * * * *

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