petaled drop love

Love Songs (Heart album)

Love Songs (Heart album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

love is so desired

love sets us on fire

we forget the when, the where, the why

our molecules will do anything to feel that lie

we are lost in the wonder of it all

we hear nothing but the love call

it carries us to the beyond

and when it is lost…we cannot respond

our song dies

only tears linger in our eyes

we reach for the stars

but our heart is left ajar

we flounder through the rain

left stunned and in pain

drawn into LOVE

sometimes the force draws you in

all conscious thought dissipates

you no longer feel your hands

you no longer feel your feet

your body disappears altogether

your emotions fill your being

you forget yourself

you are drawn in towards  the other

you are no longer you

you are ONE

you are pure love

the sun is no longer the sun

you become one with the glow

the colors blend with your soul

you are totally absorbed

you are no longer you

you are ONE

you are pure LOVE

the waves wash over your being

swimming in crystal water love

you and the water become one

you are no longer you

you are ONE

you are pure LOVE

you no longer feel alone

your self has disappeared

totally immersed in feeling

you are no longer you

you are ONE

you are pure LOVE

love becomes you

Why I Write

Signature of Kahlil Gibran

Signature of Kahlil Gibran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you.”

–from “The Forerunner” (1920)
   Kahlil Gibran

"Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you."</p><br /><br /><br />
<p><br /><br /><br /><br />
--from "The Forerunner" (1920)

Why do I write?
I write because I feel this need inside of myself to express who I am.
I do not know who will read me…or if anyone at all will read my words. I do not know if the words I write will have any effect on anyone or on the world.
I do know that when I write, I feel like I have a purpose. I feel like I am alive and it gives me courage to be myself. I feel less threatened by the world.
My passion for life seems to get in the way of being received.  I know I am an intense person. I can get very passionate about what I am saying or feeling.  Even if I say nothing, people who know me a bit, feel my passion through my being.  I feel that some people fear me because of it. This saddens me. I have no desire to hurt anyone. In fact, quite the opposite…I feel I want to protect others.  I find the only way I can do this successfully is through my words in the hope that some of what I write may help to give light to the world…to bring love into the world.  Some people are threatened by my words…they think I may be attacking them…maybe some days I am saying what I think needs to be said—but I try intensely to only say or write things that are the truth and need to be said to help them be more free…more open.  So perhaps it is good that I stick to writing, because then one can decide to read it or not.  I find even in my attempt to write, depending on the person and their mood and feelings, I may be bringing them pain.  The perceptions of the individual will color what they read.
My perceptions color what I write.
Today I wrote about my writing to a dear friend, whom I have never met in person.  I remarked: “No, the “ blog is a diversion so I stop thinking about love.  I thought I needed a second blog so that I did not write just about love.
This  very special Someone said to me today: “giggle over laugh out loud over smile…..Jane, you never write about anything else But Love…..giggle. “
I write to communicate and to feel less lonely in this world of seven billion people.
Perhaps one small phrase may encourage someone to give love to someone else.



Narcissus (Photo credit: Ambersky235)

“Patience…desired by many, possessed by few”

long are the seconds

… the minutes too

long is the time waiting for you

however, I know…

   darling, YOU are worth the blue

     I know when you arrive…

     that love will spring

 like the daffodil  thrives

Wild daffodil Deutsch: Gelbe Narzisse Español:...

Wild daffodil Deutsch: Gelbe Narzisse Español: Narziso salvaje Français : Une jonquille sauvage 日本語: ラッパスイセン Русский: Дикий нарцисс ‪中文(简体)‬: 黄水仙 ‪中文(繁體)‬: 黃水仙 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

what happened

what happened to the song

where did it all go wrong

the hands walk nimbly over the keys

while the thoughts inside bleed

surely love is greater than we imagine

surely love sees you are one in a billion

you drink in the sun

hoping for the one

hoping for one to sit here beside

hoping for one to come along for the ride

It Should've Happened a Long Time Ago

It Should’ve Happened a Long Time Ago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the scars have taken over

you are left alone in the clover

surely love can carry us beyond our differences

surely love can move beyond the bruises

isn’t that what love is…discovering the heart

isn’t that the grace of believing in a new start

are we so different…you and i

are we so different…that we can no longer fly


effortless love…for love

Love for Arts Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 love spilled

out of me

like the blue water spring in the valley

over flowing


molecules not counting, not keeping tally

love spilled

out of


like the unlimited starlight

from the purple hazed skies



not wondering why

love spilled

out of me

like orange blossomed sunbeams



touching the earth as if in a dream

 love spilled

out of me

like breath from my being



for YOU

were all that was seen!


Another one for valentines day 'True Love' On ...

Another one for valentines day ‘True Love’ On Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Finding the comfort zone

in the love-lit breeze

between you and me!

Establishing where you begin

and I stop…

Establishing where you stop

and I begin…

Messiah complex–

poor substitute for love…

Come to terms with yourself

in order to give fully to another

find yourself in a suspended state

weaving in and out of love

how much to give

when to hold back

the tenderness of the soul holds a secret entrance

delicate like the petals of a flower

opening to receive yet closely gently with the night breeze

love is a strong magnetic pull

where does lust end?


love begin?

how much of what I need do I camouflage and frame as  loving you?

how much is true love?

true love allows the other to be…

true love gives space to the becoming…

* * * * * *

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